DIY Ribbon Applique
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DIY Ribbon Applique

Do you have a weakness for pretty crafting supplies? I sure do, which means I probably have more than I could ever use.  Ribbon is one of those things I just can’t resist, but it isn’t something I can use on every.single.project. or they all start looking the same. So, if you are like me and have more ribbon than you know what to do with, here is a way to use some of it in a different way… ribbon appliques.
To make the applique, I started with a piece of clean cut fabric interfacing about the size of the drawstring bag, and cut just enough sections of ribbon to cover it. {if you plan to use the applique on clothing or something that will be washed regularly, I recommend using the sewable interfacing instead of the clean cut, and stitching around the edge of the applique after ironing for durability sake.}
Then, using a hot iron I pressed firmly for about 2 seconds. Then, I removed the paper backing, placed it on the mat in the top left corner and loaded the mat into the CAMEO.


Back in Silhouette studio I opened the heart shape and sized it to fit in the center of the bag. Then, I opened the cut settings window. The ribbon I used is slightly thicker than cotton fabric, so I created my own cut settings for this project. I set the speed to 3 and the blade to 5, and selected double cut just to be safe. {Depending on the thickness of your ribbon, the settings will have to be adjusted accordingly. This is where the test cut feature comes in handy :)}

Next, I replaced my current blade with my fabric blade and clicked cut in Silhouette studio. Once it was cut, I removed the applique from the mat, placed it on top of the canvas bag and pressed firmly with a hot iron.


I think it is cute as is, but I’m a fan of little details, so I added a print and cut name tag, gold thread and a tiny safety pin.

The little bag, paired with a custom print and cut jewelry card make for the perfect gift for bridesmaids, or  a jewelry loving friend, just because. 🙂

Shapes: click on the name of the shape below to link to it in the Silhouette online store
3 mason jars
earring holder
4 tag set

** You can find the cute chevron ribbon at Close to my Heart


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  1. oh my goodness… all i can say is “brilliant”
    well done Jeana

  2. I love it all but especially the earrings. Where did you get these from?

  3. very cute love it!!! Just ordered my cameo cant wait to try this out!!!

  4. How did you add the blue colored border and writing to the earring card? Tutorial please.

  5. How cute! What font is that? I always have the hardest time finding cursive fonts.

  6. This is going to sound so PATHETIC to all you Silhouette users, but I have now owned the Cameo for over a year and never used it because I’m intimidated by it…don’t ask me why!! I even bought a starter kit which I have not tried yet. Has anyone else had this phobia?

    1. Me too! Well actually, I received mine in early December and have not used it. We need to take the plunge! I just don’t even know where to start.

    2. @Laura and @agirlnamedmaria..start with the tutorials that the Silhouette blog offers. The Cameo came out in the fall of 2011, so I’d look around that time frame to get some basic tutorials.

      The ribbon is brand new from Close To My Heart. It’s called “Outdoor Denim Chevron Ribbon” and it’s 3/4″ wide by 5 yards for $6.95, item number Z1808. I love this ribbon!!

    3. Thanks, Jann. I will check out the tutorials from ’11.

      You’re right, Laura…just got to take the plunge. I’m sure in no time we’ll be laughing at ourselves for being so scared 😮

  7. however do you keep coming up with all these clever ideas? Lovin’ that ribbon btw… great project.

    Paula x x x

  8. This is GREAT! I Love that ribbon!!

  9. Does anyone have any idea what font that is?

    1. The scripty font is Lavanderia.

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