Meet The New Silhouette CAMEO® 3
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Meet The New Silhouette CAMEO® 3

You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve seen the hype, but what exactly are all of the features of the newest addition to the Silhouette family?

Here’s what you can expect from the new CAMEO 3

  • Go wireless with Bluetooth®. No more wires to worry about while using your Silhouette.
  • Dual-carriage for multitasking. Make two passes in one cut job.
  • Raised clearance bar. Cut thicker media, like foam or chipboard, with the Silhouette Deep Cut Blade.
  • AutoBlade technology. No more manually adjusting your blade—let the AutoBlade do the work.
  • Barcode enabled Print & Cut, coming Fall 2016. Scan the cut information directly from your printed materials.
  • Compatible with all Silhouette mats. Use the CAMEO mats that you already own.

Take a look under the hood


Our engineers have really outdone themselves with the sleek and powerful design of the CAMEO 3. The CAMEO 3 builds on everything that Silhouette users loved about the previous CAMEO models while adding an array of new features (as mentioned above) to help simplify the creative process.

Work wirelessly with Bluetooth® technology



With the CAMEO 3’s new Bluetooth® connectivity, you can place your CAMEO 3 anywhere within a ten foot radius of your computer. Imagine the versatility of your creative space now that you’re not tethered down by cords or desk space.

Complete jobs in one with the dual-carriage



Finish two tasks in one pass. Mix and match with our full selection of pens, specialty tools, and blades to make your creative time two-times as nice.

Cut thicker media with the new 2mm clearance


Last summer we premiered our Silhouette Curio™, which featured a 5mm clearance bar that allowed you to cut thicker media. With the 2mm clearance on the CAMEO 3, you get the versatility of cutting thicker media with all of the features of the CAMEO.

Auto-adjust with AutoBlade



The AutoBlade automatically adjusts your blade to your chosen cut setting, allowing you to bypass manually setting your blade.  Send your cut job from Silhouette Studio® and let the AutoBlade take it from there.

Print & Cut with barcode scanning



The CAMEO 3 is equipped with an optical scanner that reads the barcode printed on your Print & Cut. All your cut setting information is included in the barcode, which means all you have to do is open Silhouette Studio®, load your media, and let the CAMEO 3 work its magic. No more looking for the correct Print & Cut file—the barcode reader takes care of it.

The Print & Cut barcode feature will be coming in Fall 2016 and requires Silhouette Studio® to be running on your computer while CAMEO 3 is connected.

Use the Silhouette mats you already own



We’ve made sure that CAMEO 3 plays nicely with all of our previous cutting mats, so you can use any mats you already have. We’re all about keeping the peace in the Silhouette family.

How can you get your hands on the CAMEO 3?


We’ve given our retailers first dibs on the newest Silhouette, bringing it to locations and online stores closer to you. You can contact your local or online retailer for CAMEO 3 availability.

Prefer to shop in person? Finding a store near you is simple with our retail locator.

Now that you’re in the know, let us know! What feature of the Silhouette CAMEO® are you most excited for?

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