Kim W
First Cut

Short Bio

I’m a wife, toddler momma, blogger and notorious dabbler. I believe in letting go of perfection and prefer to enjoy the journey and embrace the mistakes. I love decorating, crafting and gardening – and I also believe that nearly anything is cause for celebration. That means I've created more heat transfer T-shirts and customized banners than I can count.

Where are you from?

How long have you been a Silhouette user?

What kind of materials or media do you use most?

Where do you find your inspiration?

Which Silhouette product do you like or use the most?

Adhesive vinyl – I've used this on almost everything in our house.

Fun Facts about me

  • I burned my eyeball with a curling iron in the seventh grade (trying to rock those bangs) and had to wear an eye patch for a week. Middle school trauma.
  • I’m a procrastinator. If something is due tomorrow, you can bet I’m up at 1:30 a.m. finishing it.
  • I looooove houses. My husband and I have bought and renovated five homes in five years and are currently in the planning stages of building a house.

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