Kelly Wayment
First Cut

Short Bio

Hi! I'm Kelly Wayment and have loved working with Silhouette America on their design team since 2013 and contributing to their YouTube videos since 2017. I live in Utah with my husband and four kids. The Silhouette machine has literally changed the course of my life as it has turned my simple hobbies into ways to push the boundaries with my creativity, along with innumerable opportunities to teach and share that joy with others. You can find my blog at

Where are you from?

Utah, the heart of the crafting world!

How long have you been a Silhouette user?

Since its earliest days in 2008. I've had almost every model of Silhouette machine, including the Original Silhouette, Portrait, Curio, Mint, and CAMEO 1, 2 and 3.

What kind of materials or media do you use most?

I use all kinds of material (I like to experiment and push the limits), but paper is still my favorite.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Pinterest and Google searches

Which Silhouette product do you like or use the most?

That's a tough one, because it depends on the time of year. I've probably used heat transfer material most often in the past 6 months.

Fun Facts about me

  • I'm a silent sneezer.
  • The most unusual item in my desk drawer is a large snail shell from the day I ate escargot with French Club in high school.
  • I lived on a tiny island when I was a toddler and still remember being bitten by an albatross.

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