Wooden Photo Ornament
First Cut

Wooden Photo Ornament

My husband and I take a lot of pictures. Our walls can only hold so many picture frames, so I try to find other creative ways to display them. I wanted to do something special with this picture of my little guy playing in the snow. By putting it on a blank wooden ornament, I’ll be reminded of that memory every year while it hangs on our Christmas tree.



Wooden Photo Ornament | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette



The PixScan™ mat makes projects like this so easy. I just placed the ornament on the PixScan™ mat and took a picture with my phone.

Wooden Photo Ornament | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette



Once I uploaded it to Silhouette Studio® I traced the snowflake shape and created an internal offset.

Wooden Photo Ornament | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette



With the perfect snowflake shape ready to use,  I opened up the picture in Silhouette Studio®. It only takes a couple of clicks to crop a picture into whatever shape you choose. With the picture and the shape selected, open the modify window and click on crop. So easy!

Wooden Photo Ornament | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette



I added the let it snow design for the back of the ornament, turned on registration marks, and printed the designs on white adhesive cardstock. Not only do I love the look of photos printed on adhesive cardstock, but it saves me a trip to the store to have them printed. The Print & Cut feature is such a time saver.

Wooden Photo Ornament | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette



The adhesive cardstock sticks really well to the wood, but you could definitely seal it with something if you wanted.

Wooden Photo Ornament | Analisa Murenin for Silhouette



The ornament looks great hanging our on our tree. They were so easy to put together I even made a few extras to gift to family. I think they’ll adore them as much as I do!


Hi there, I’m Analisa! I love to travel and explore new places along with my husband and son. When we’re not on the go I’m happily crafting. I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I collected every craft kit I could get my hands on. Not much has changed. I love my Silhouette because it such a versatile instrument for creating. I can stencil fabric with one project, then create stickers for my son with the next. I love experimenting with all it can do.

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adhesive cardstock


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  1. What an awesome idea! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Marilyn!

  2. I have a traditional scanner and was wondering what I would use the PixScan for – this is a great example! I love the personalized tree ornament. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Dawn! I think I use my PixScan™ mat more for tracing odd shapes than I do for cutting. It is such a neat mat to have on hand.

  3. Yay! I love decorating all those fun wooden shapes at the craft store; this is definitely going on my to-do list.

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