Using Thicker Media With Your Curio
First Cut

Using Thicker Media With Your Curio

With Curio, Silhouette raised the bar.  Literally.


What Curio’s 5mm clearance means for you is more creative options.  Using wood as a project pallet?  Sure.

Curio_wood clearance

What about metal?  You bet.


Can you say game changer?  Custom home decor artists and mixed media artists can now rejoice!  Curio has come to expand your creative horizons and give you more options for your designs to come to life.

See the video below to learn more about using thicker media with your Curio.







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  1. Ooh, nice.

  2. I inked designs onto coasters using gel pens and my Curio. Next time, I’m planning to use permanent ink. Turned out nice!

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