Using Silhouette to Solve a Purse Clutter Problem
First Cut

Using Silhouette to Solve a Purse Clutter Problem

Every day I waste a lot of time trying to find things at the bottom of my purse. Whether I am searching for a pen, eyeglasses, or lipstick, I never seem to find what I am looking for.

So last week I came up with an idea to solve my purse-clutter problem. I decided to make zippered bags to help me organize all of the clutter. Follow along if you think this solution could work for you!


Supplies Needed:

Step One: Decide What Bag Types You’ll Need

  1. The first thing I needed to do was determine the category names to put on the bags. I dumped everything out of my purse and started putting everything into piles to determine what categories I needed to get organized.
  2. Here is what I decided on:
    • LIPS – lipstick, lip balm, floss, and breath mints
    • EYES – eye drops, reading glasses, and sunglasses
    • WRITE – pens, marker, highlighter, and pencils
    • FACE – makeup and sunscreen


Step Two: Cut Out the Design

  1. I immediately went to my Silhouette machine and created the design for the category names. Using the Belacu font, I made and cut the design. Since I ordered multiple bags I decided to make a few sets of the bags.
  2. I cut the design out of heat transfer material.
  3. Then I weeded the design using a hook tool. This is helpful for pulling the Heat Transfer from the plastic backing. 
  4. After the heat transfer was weeded, I used my iron to transfer the design to the burlap bags. I placed a piece of cardboard inside the bag before I ironed it to protect the bag from the heat. 
  5. Next, attach a piece of sea glass or large wooden bead to the zipper end to make opening easier. This bead also will make the zipper easier to locate in your purse so you do not have to dig around as much.I am so happy how the bags turned out. 

And now my purse is so organized it’s scary!

This blog post was contributed the blog My 100 Year Old Home. It has been edited and republished with permission from the author.



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  1. So cute! What heat setting do you use on iron?

    1. In general, you can use a home iron with the cotton setting (no steam) for Silhouette heat transfer material.

  2. Hi
    Where I get the purses?

    1. Mayra, she included links in the “Supplies Needed” section of the blog post.

  3. Very nice,I like the font too..wondering which one has been used on those purses..

    1. Susana, she mentions using a font named Belacu in Step Two. I don’t think that one is in the Design Store.

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