The 4 Most-Asked Questions About Curio
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The 4 Most-Asked Questions About Curio

As Curio continues to make its way across the globe, we’ve noticed a trend in the questions asked. Here are the four most-asked questions about Curio—and their answers.



The Curio functions in Silhouette Studio® are grayed out and I can’t use them. Do I need to purchase the Business Edition to get my Curio to work?

You DO NOT need to purchase Business Edition in order to get your Curio to work.

Curio is compatible with each version of the software currently available, including the free edition of Silhouette Studio®. If you own Silhouette Studio® Designer Edition or Business Edition you can set Curio to be your default machine by right clicking and selecting “Set as Default Cutter.” That way the Curio functions will always be available, even when you’re Curio isn’t connected.

If you have Silhouette Studio® Basic Edition, the Curio tools will only be available if your Curio was the last machine plugged in. If your buttons are grayed out, simply connect your Curio and they’ll pop back up.

I can’t figure out how many platforms to use. Where are the platform settings?

To find the platform settings go to the “Cut Settings” menu and click on your chosen medium.

Silhouette Studio® tells you how many platforms you need based on what kind of medium you’re putting through your Curio.  Silhouette Studio® will also give you the default cut settings for your chosen medium as well as the required number of platforms. Adjust as needed.

I want to cut bigger things. Why is the cut area so small?

While Curio is a cutting machine as well as an embossing, stippling, and sketching machine, its primary intention is for smaller jobs.

Curio is a specialty tool and is meant to be an addition to your Silhouette Portrait® or Silhouette CAMEO®.  Adding Curio is the best way to round out your Silhouette family.

Why can’t I use the Curio functions with my CAMEO or my Portrait?

The Curio functions can damage or possibly ruin your CAMEO or your Portrait.

Curio is specially designed to handle the stippling, etching, embossing, and debossing effects. Its higher clearance level and its unique carriage design allows for a larger range of vertical motion, which allows Curio to perform specialty jobs.

Put simply, the other Silhouette cutting machines are not designed for the stippling or embossing effects. Your other Silhouette machines are not equipped to handle those  added features.

What other questions do you have about Curio? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I don’t know if I’m completely missing it but I cannot find where it tells you how many platforms to use in the cut settings. A tutorial would be greatly appreciated for setting up the cutting base for beginners.

  2. Regarding question #1: Where do we right click to set the Curio as the default cutter if we have the Designer Edition? Does the Curio still have to be the last machine plugged in before that works?

  3. When will curio mats be available as the club silhouette freebies?

  4. Disappointed that only Curio owners can access the extra design features. They would be very handy for drawing with the Cameo or Portrait, as well as for those of us who design files or prepare tutorials for Curio owners. It also doesn’t give us a chance to test drive the software before purchasing a Curio. Please reconsider this short-sighted decision.

  5. I would like to purchase this , How do I do buy it?

    1. Hi Linda! You can purchase Curio online at Thank you for the comment!

  6. Can the Curio cut foam board?

    1. Hi Ty! Curio’s cutting depth is 2 mm with the deep cut blade. If your foam board is 2 mm or less, it will fit under the clearance bar. However, keep in mind that thicker media, like foam board or chipboard, have a greater chance of getting stuck or dulling your blade. Good luck!

  7. Thanks for the tips!

  8. Hello , I need to cut fabric to apply with the silhouette CURIO especially canvas , gabardine fabric and polyester , this is possible?

    1. Hi Galbin! Curio’s increased cutting depth means that it can cut thicker material like canvas and other types of fabric. Thank you for your comment.

  9. I feel a little lost. I have read forums and the manual and really thought I had all the settings right, but my curio whirls and whizzes with the cut tools or embossing tools set and selected as well as mats in place, but the machine completes the task but the paper is pristine and uncut/unembossed…..what am I doing wrong?

    1. Jeremy, are you sure you are getting your blades/tools fully seated into the tool holder and locking them in place by twisting the knob? Is the blade/tool making downward movements to push the tool against the media? You may want to follow up with Silhouette Support at unless it’s the first where you simply need to lock the tools in place correctly.

  10. Hello,

    Can it be used to cut corrugated recycled cardboard with thickness 1,5mm?

    1. It depends on how dense the cardboard is, not just the thickness. I suspect that type of cardboard might be a little too dense, but you could certainly try it with the deep cut blade. You can read more about Curio’s deep cut blade here.

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