Stippling & Etching with your Curio™
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Stippling & Etching with your Curio™

Have you heard that stippling is the new black?  Well it is.  If you are new to stippling world, here is the skinny:

Stippling is a process where you create an image or design using tiny patterns of dots instead of a continuous line. The Silhouette Curio™ allows you to unlock the powerful new stipple trace feature in SS that allows you to turn an image or design into a modern unique masterpiece.  You can stipple in two ways:

Ink Stippling_DSC1157

Eat your heart out Vincent Van Gogh.  Check out this modern take on a masterpiece.  Curio is all about details, and what’s more detailed than 50,000+ dots of colored ink perfectly placed by the Silhouette Curio?


Metal StipplingStipple_Metal_ProcessStipple_Metal_Bamboo

Using Curio’s Stippling & Etching tool (link to product) you can create stunning statements that will stop your guests in their tracks.  Talk about a conversation piece.  It’s time to step your home decor game up!



See the video below to learn more about the stippling and etching features of the Silhouette Curio™.





Products Used:

Stippling & Etching tool

metallic sketch pen pack

Metal Stippling Sheets


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  1. I am enjoying these articles/tutorials about the Curio! I loved your ink stippling – how cool! Hopefully, I’ll get a Curio soon…

  2. How do you convert a picture and preserve the various colors?

    1. Hi Collette,
      It does take some work to stipple in multiple colors– but as you can see– the result is spectacular! Once you convert your image to stipple dots, you can choose the different sections you want to be use a different color for. The Curio makes this nice and simple because you can use two sketch pens during one single pass! I hope this helps!

      1. Thanks for responding! 🙂 Is there any trick to it, or do you literally have to select specific dots per section and color them, matching them to the original picture?

        1. Yes–No trick in Silhouette Studio yet, but if you have Adobe Illustrator you can choose trace by color. For example you can use a 6 color trace and it will trace 6 of the different colors in your photo. Then you can take those into Silhouette Studio and stipple each section. Let me know if you need more help!

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