Score & Emboss or Score & Deboss with your Curio
First Cut

Score & Emboss or Score & Deboss with your Curio

With the Silhouette Curio™ cutting is just the beginning! One game-changing feature for Silhouette creators is Curio’s ability to emboss.  In tandem with our release of the Curio Silhouette has released special Score & Emboss paper to help you create the perfect conditions for your Curio to both (you guessed it) score and emboss you design using the machine’s convenient dual carriage.Curio_carriage


The Score & Emboss feature allows you to get an even more pronounced emboss or deboss because the embossing tool is moving right along a light cut line that your Curio has already created.  The results are amazing!

Take a look at a couple examples of the Score & Emboss feature.CurioEmbossingHello_EmbossPaint3



Watch the video below to learn even more about Score & Emboss.






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