Print & Emboss Thank You Card
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Print & Emboss Thank You Card


Have you tried the new Curio’s “print and emboss” feature yet? I made this card with my Curio, and I’m so “impressed” with how it turned out! 😉 All of these colorful words are embossed around the edges so the letters are gently raised above the rest of the card surface.

If you have a Curio, you have access to the Emboss features of Silhouette Studio. The one I used in this project is the Print & Emboss. It tells you step-by-step how to go through the process. It does have several steps where you are switching between mats and adding/removing platforms on your Curio base, but the end result is worth it.

ss Steps for print & emboss


I used this Thank You card design and ungrouped it so I could just use the stack of colored printable Thank You words. You can save the card base and its perforation for later, or just delete them if using a different card base.

Print & Emboss Step 1:

In Step 1, you create embossing lines and turn on registration marks. For this file I went to my Cut Settings Window, and used the Advanced cut-mode option (and Line Color order) to organize everything. I also added an outer rectangle (3.75” x 5.0”) for an outer cut edge.

If you set up your blade/emboss tool and paper settings now, the steps in the Emboss Window won’t leave you wondering which tool holder will be used or if your paper settings are correct when it comes time to apply each step.

  • “Turn on” embossing cut lines by checking the box with the blank line color (for this Thank You design), change it to the right tool holder (blue circle), and change the Material Type to Emboss (Fine) Score & Emboss Paper. Put your Fine embossing tool in the right tool holder (blue circle).
  • Then set the rectangle for cutting the paper at the last stage by choosing the left tool (red circle) and set up a Material Type Custom setting as follows: Ratchet Blade on 2, Platform 6, Speed 5, Thickness 30. For the time being, uncheck the box for that shape so it doesn’t try to cut on the first pass. Put your ratchet blade in the left tool holder (red circle).
  • Note: if you are using a different design with other line colors, just make sure your emboss lines are one color and your cut lines are a different color. Then you can clearly define their materials in the Advanced cut options.

ss Tool and Material Setup



To finish preparations for Step 1 in the Print & Emboss section, turn on registration marks in the Registration Mark Window. If using the small Curio base, I suggest leaving the left/top/right insets at their default and only changing the bottom-inset position to 6.00” (just type it into the input area) so it fits on the mat and leaves half the paper for another project. Now Print the document.

Print & Emboss Step 2:

Then on to Step 2 in the Print & Emboss section of the Emboss Window. Be sure to use the Curio cutting mat and the blade with platforms 2+2+1+mat. When you click on the button in Step 2 for Cut Registration Marks, it will actually cut out the registration marks, so don’t freak out if you’re used to regular print and cuts. 🙂

Print & Emboss Step 3:

Step 3 has you change mats and flip the page horizontally. You’ll need to remove the cutting mat and the #1 platform, and place your embossing mat on top of platforms 2+2. As you place the printed page face down on the embossing mat as instructed, place the thin plastic black squares that came with your Curio so the black shows through those cut-out registration marks.

Print and Emboss Registration Marks

Click the button on Step 3 to Emboss. If you want a deeper emboss after seeing the results, just click the Emboss button again for another pass.

Embossed back side

At this point, the printing is done and the embossing is done, but remember we also set up an outer cut edge for this card. Go back to the Cut Settings Window and uncheck the box for embossing and do check the box for cutting. Remove the embossing mat, add back a #1 platform on top of 2+2, and put the cutting mat back on top. Use those black backing pieces again as you place the printed and embossed paper back on to your cutting mat so the black shows through the cut-out registration marks, with the printed side face up. Click Send to Silhouette in the Cut Settings Window.

That’s it! Now you can add this to a card front and embellish as desired. As I said, there are a lot of steps but the look is professional. The subtle embossing adds a beautiful texture to the printed card.

The embossing is difficult to photograph, but you can definitely see it with the naked eye, and you can definitely feel it. Are you ready to try this new technique with your Curio?

Emboss detail

Kelly Wayment

Hi! I'm Kelly Wayment and have loved working with Silhouette America on their design team since 2013 and contributing to their YouTube videos since 2017. I live in Utah with my husband and four kids. The Silhouette machine has literally changed the course of my life as it has turned my simple hobbies into ways to push the boundaries with my creativity, along with innumerable opportunities to teach and share that joy with others. You can find my blog at

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Score & Emboss Paper - 8.5 in. x 11 in.

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  1. Thank you Kelly, this is such a great feature! I love your project!

    1. Thanks, Marilyn! 🙂

  2. Do I need to buy a special mat to emboss?

    1. Hi Dolores! The embossing mat is included with your purchase of Curio and the embossing (as well as the Silhouette Studio®’s Curio functions) work only with Curio. Thank you for the comment!

  3. What a lovely card! Fantastic tutorial as usual:)

    1. Thank you, Analisa!

  4. Such a great detailed tutorial, Kelly!

    1. Thanks, Brittany! 🙂

  5. Hi! New Curio user here! When I printed this same Thank You card, my sketch pens only drew the outer line of each letter. They aren’t “filled in” like yours. I did not attempt to emboss like yours. What step am I missing? I’d appreciate any ideas or help! 🙂


    1. Hi Emily. Sketching and printing are two different functions. This card was printed on my home printer with registration marks turned on. This file comes with the colors already filled in if you print it. Sketching with sketch pens will only draw an outline, as you found.

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