Monogrammed Wedding Gift
First Cut

Monogrammed Wedding Gift

If you’re like me, it half kills you to buy wedding gifts off the registry because where’s the fun in that?!

This time, I compromised–something creative AND from their registry.  I picked out a glass jar from their list and personalized it with the couple’s new monogram!


Monogrammed Cookie Jar Carly Van Veldhuizen for Silhouette


Admittedly, this would be a lot cooler looking if I had filled it with chocolate sandwich cookies. The white monogram would pop more.


But, just before I filled the jar, I learned the couple loved popcorn…and, well, popcorn is a lot less expensive than cookies!


Monogrammed Cookie Jar 3


To create your monogram (assuming all the initials in the monogram aren’t the same), you’ll want to right click on the image and select “ungroup.”

Then, delete all the pieces you won’t need.

Repeat this step until you have the ovals and all three initials.


Monogrammed Cookie Jar 2


I recommend starting with the middle initial to help you with spacing the initials on either side.


Monogrammed Cookie Jar 1


Once the initials are in place, group them together and re-size the image to fit your object.


Cut, adhere, and fill with the couple’s favorite treat!


Carly Van Veldhuizen

I've been very fortunate to grow up in a family of very creative women--and even more so that they used their creativity to show love. My grandma was the original Martha Stewart (without the jail time or huge conglomerate)--she piped icing monograms on sugar cubes for guests, covered her shoes in fabric to match an outfit, made paper flowers and wove baskets to hang on people's mailboxes. If she was still alive she would have owned every Silhouette product--and used them better than most. My mom is the hippie version of the same--showing love with over-the-top theme parties, murals on our bedroom walls, super special holidays with loads of homemade décor. They both made the everyday special--and they inspire me to do what I do. I'm a maker and stylist. I own Girl Friday in Minneapolis. We make and style environments--store windows, specialty event décor, wedding magazine photos, etc. Our clients range from private clients planning a wedding to corporate clients. Everything we create for our clients is custom and one-of-a-kind.

Designs Used:

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®

CAMEO Cutting Mat



12-inch matte adhesive vinyl

transfer paper


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  1. Love this <3

  2. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

  3. wonderful gift idea!

  4. Wonderful! I didn’t even know these monogram sets were in the design store. Thanks for the great idea!

  5. Hi! I am brand new to Silhouette Cameo – first cutting machine ever to purchase.
    I want to primarily cut vinyl monograms for my children. Can you please tell me specifically (step by step)how I go about making this same circle monogram for (initials ECS — S is the last name to be placed in center)
    Thanks a million! Your wedding project is absolutely adoarable!!!

    1. Hi Sonya,
      I did not make the project, but here is a little more information for you.
      First, you need to go to the Silhouette Online Store and purchase the monogram sets you will need. For ECS you will need these two sets: S–Z and A–F.
      Next, open up your Silhouette software and download the designs you purchased. Open the S–Z file in your software by double-clicking on the design in your library. Delete everything except the ovals containing the S. Ungroup the S & ovals, then delete the small s from the monogram [sSs]. (Save)
      Go to the library and open the A–F file. Ungroup the E monogram and copy the E from the left. Go back to the tab with the S monogram and paste in the E. (Save)
      Go to the A–F file and ungroup then copy the C on the right. Go back to the saved file and paste in your C. (Save)
      Arrange the E and C so that they are evenly spaced on either side of the S, re-group and save. Now you can re-size the monogram to fit on your project & cut it out.
      Good luck, you will love your Cameo!

      1. I did not mention that you will probably want to cut it from vinyl, then take away all of the pieces you won’t use (like background surrounding the letters), pick up the design with transfer tape, then apply to your project. I’m sure there are some good tutorials on using vinyl here.

  6. What is the name of this monogram

    1. Click on the “Designs Used” and it will take you to the mongram(s)

    2. ellipse monogram

  7. This is awesome. I love it. What is the paper type called that you use to adhere to the glass?

    1. I think she used vinyl. It is pretty sturdy and has adhesive already in place. You will probably want some transfer tape to adhere to the monogram on vinyl before placing it on the item, too. It makes that task much easier.

  8. Love those monograms! Clever idea for a wedding gift!

  9. i so LOVE this idea! I’m gong to make one for my sister-in-law’s wedding! Thank you for an awesome tutorial & idea!

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