Silver Foil Tag Embellishments
First Cut

Silver Foil Tag Embellishments

I’ve been wanting to cut this adorable 3D mason jar design out since it was added to the store this past summer, but just never had a chance.  When I was looking for a way to make someone a unique Valentine’s Day gift this week, though, it seemed the perfect choice.  Add a little custom tag and some cute labels to your candy kisses and you’ve got an memorable gift for an extra special someone.


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Empty Jar


The jar body is constructed of white adhesive cardstock and acetate and full instructions for assembly can be found on the designer’s website here.  Normally, I wouldn’t use adhesive cardstock for a container like this, but the acetate lines most of the inside of the jar, so you don’t end up with many interior sticky surfaces when you’re done and it actually makes adhering all of the “glass” easier.  My glass is made from overhead projector sheets from an office supply store (try using the cut settings for Clear Sticker Paper in the Studio software), but you can just use some leftover packaging or heavy vellum for this too.  I cut the jar cover out of a scrap of pretty Valentine fabric using clean cut fabric interfacing and tied it up with a little white twine.


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Knife Tool 2


The jar design comes with this “Sweet Harvest” sentiment…which is cute, but didn’t really make much sense for Valentine’s Day.  I decided to alter the label on my jar plus add a sentiment on a separate tag for lots of V-Day love.  To remove the word “harvest”, I simply opened my Knives Menu (arrow 1), unchecked the box for Auto Apply (arrow 2) so that I could position my cut perfectly before cutting, and clicked on the Straight Knife option (arrow 3).  After drawing and positioning my knife line exactly where I wanted it, I clicked the Apply Selected Knife button at the bottom of the Knives Menu.  Two more cuts on the top, and I was able to delete the word completely.


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Point Editing 2


To make sure I didn’t end up with any jagged edges after cutting up my design, I opened the Point Editing Menu (arrow 1).  You can also open point-editing by double-clicking on any design.  It turned out that I did have a few unnecessary points in my design’s border, so I clicked on each extra point (arrow 2) and then clicked on Delete Point (arrow 3).


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Text Tool


Now that my design was cut-ready, I opened up my Text Menu (arrow 1) and chose a pretty font (arrow 2) to add the word “treats” to my label.  Scrap Calligraphy is a great font for creating your own words and phrases because the letters overlap nicely for perfect welding.


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Offset Tool


I wanted to thicken the word up a bit to fit in my label better, so I opened the Offset Menu (arrow 1), chose a distance of 0.015in (arrow 2), and clicked Apply (arrow 3).  Then I deleted the original text.


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Weld


To insert the text into the label, I simply positioned “Treats” so that it touched the inside of the design in several places, opened the Modify Window (arrow 1) and clicked Weld (arrow 2).


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Finished Design 2


Your final design should look like this.  To add a little contrast and help the label stand out a bit, I cut the label out of cool grey adhesive cardstock.


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Tag Detail 2


My jar was filled with both Hershey Kisses and Hugs, so I thought it would be cute to make a quick tag using this sentiment on a simple tag shape.  I had this winter tag design in my library already, so I just opened it up in the Studio software and deleted any unwanted parts before cutting it out of some red cardstock.  Then, I resized the sentiment to about 1″ x 1″ and cut it out of Printable Silver Foil (look how perfectly the foil cuts at that size!).


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Candy Detail


Using the Print & Cut feature, I was able to make an entire sheet of these little Valentine labels for my candy hugs and kisses.  And I needed every one of them…be forewarned, you’ll be able to fit an entire bag of kisses into the small 3D mason jar design!


Hugs & Kisses Candy Jar by Annie Williams - Jar Filled


I imagine my recipient will be placing this cute container on his desk and snacking for a long time.  Are you using your Silhouette to make something special for your Valentine?


Annie Williams

Hello Silhouette fans! I'm so excited to be back on the Creative Team again this year. I am a scientist by training, but I have always been interested in art and art history as well. I enjoy sharing fun gift, home decor, and handmade card ideas over on my blog. My projects often reflect my other interests which include outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as a love of travel, small towns, and nature photography. I've been happily married for nearly 10 years to a man who is incredibly tolerant of my ever-growing craft supply stash...and we recently welcomed a new little boy into our lives as well.

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New Silhouette CAMEO®


CAMEO Cutting Mat

essentials 12 in. x 12 in. adhesive cardstock 16-pack

Sticker Paper - White

Silhouette fabric blade

Sticker Paper - Silver Foil

Fusible Fabric Stabilizer - Clean Cut


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  1. What a special gift! I am loving some many things about this project, especially the the kiss stickers and the fabric jar lid. So lovely!

  2. I can’t believe that’s really a 1×1″ “Hugs and Kisses” phrase. Is it really? That seems impossibly small! WAY too cute!!

  3. Love, love, love this Annie! I can’t believe it holds so many sweet treats. Who wouldn’t love getting one of these?!

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