Flocked Dinosaur Tee
First Cut

Flocked Dinosaur Tee

I spotted this cool dinosaur skeleton design to add to a plain blue tee for my son.




I cut the design out of white flocked heat transfer material. If you’re new to working with heat transfer material, consider starting with a light color of flocked heat transfer material. The cuts are more visible in the flocked heat transfer material which makes it easier to weed the design.





I made the dinosaur skeleton large enough to wrap around to the back of the shirt so it took some caution while ironing it to the side seam. I love how the back of the shirt is just as interesting as the front.





My son was begging to try on his new dinosaur tee before it had even cooled from the iron. I don’t blame him, it’s awesome!





Have fun and happy making!



Hi there, I’m Analisa! I love to travel and explore new places along with my husband and son. When we’re not on the go I’m happily crafting. I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I collected every craft kit I could get my hands on. Not much has changed. I love my Silhouette because it such a versatile instrument for creating. I can stencil fabric with one project, then create stickers for my son with the next. I love experimenting with all it can do.

Designs Used:

Products Used:


12-inch flocked heat transfer


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  1. I’ll just bet you are going to get a LOT of questions as to where you bought that adorable shirt! I have a girl and still I am tempted by the design! TFS

    1. I wouldn’t hesitate to make one for a girl. Dinos are just plain fun!

      1. I am going to make one for my daughter using a tank top.

        1. That’ll be fun! It seems like stores are always carrying tank tops in a million different colors.

  2. That’s adorable Analisa…I’m thinking this might look cute on a onesie too, so I better get to work. 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea Annie! I can only imagine all the fun things you’ll create for your little one:)

  3. This is so so awesome! My 2 years old guy just fell in love with dinosaurs and my wishlist is full of dinosaur designs.
    Btw, this would be way easier to apply if sewing a tee yourself, so I’m going to steal that. No storebought stuff for us.

    1. This dino was exactly what I wanted for this project. I love having so many choices when it comes to great designs. Hopefully you’ll be able to add some of them to your cart with next week’s sale. I’m super impressed you sew your little one’s clothes! That’s awesome!

  4. That is awesome! I love the wraparound design. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelly! The heat transfer material is always so easy to use…it almost feels like I’m cheating, haha!

  5. I know a husband who would LOVE this shirt, too 🙂 Better get busy… the wrap around design is SUCH a great idea!

    1. Now that looks like a store bought shirt!! Love it!!

      1. Thanks so much Ginger!

    2. How fun! I’m hoping to make one for my hubby too since my son would love matching with him. It’s a great dinosaur design isn’t it? Not too silly yet not too scary.

  6. This is such a great idea and cool shirt!

    1. Thank you Joan!

  7. So clever and fun to wrap this design around the shirt! I’m sure your son will enjoy wearing this as often as possible!

    1. Thanks Ruth! It’s definitely his new favorite:)

  8. That looks super awesome. I am so intimidated to try something like this. Where do you get the heat transfer material from and is it all included what you need to do the image?

    1. Thanks so much! Have you ever worked with adhesive vinyl? I find it’s a similar process with weeding out the negative parts of the design. A lot of us have covered using heat transfer material here on the Silhouette Blog so taking a look at some of our past projects might make you feel a little more comfortable with giving it a go. I always feel like I’m cheating when using it because it’s way easier to use than it looks! At the bottom of my post you can see the products I used. Clicking on any of them will lead you to Silhouette America’s online shop where you can buy them. You may also want to take a look at the heat transfer starter kit which is a great way to get started.

  9. Adorable shirt for any kiddo,, Where do you purchase the flocked heat transfer fabric?
    Thanks for the great idea

    1. Thanks! Towards the bottom of my post you’ll see the products I used to create this project. If you click on the picture of the boxes of flocked heat transfer material it should lead you straight to Silhouette America’s online shop where you can purchase some. If your local craft store carries Silhouette products you might even be able to find it there. Hope that helps!

  10. This is so cute! Henry would love this, too!

    1. Thanks Kim! Henry would rock the dinosaur tee!

  11. This is so cute I had to buy the design and make it for my Grandson, he also could not wait to put it on! He said that he is going to be the hit of his Kindergarten class!

    1. Love it!!! Not only is your grandson going to walk into class with confidence, but he’ll feel great knowing he’s wearing something his grandma made especially for him. Thank you so much for sharing Melody!

  12. What did you use to transfer the flocked heat transfer vinyl? Also did you just follow ironing directions on the vinyl package?

    1. Silhouette’s heat transfer material is made so that you don’t have to use any other transfer tape. Basically, the flocked material is cut directly on the clear transfer tape. Once you weed the design you’re left with the design still on your transfer tape (like in the second picture in this post). To iron it down you’ll flip it over so the flocked material is on bottom and then the smooth side of the transfer tape is on top.

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