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Family Name Wall Sign

family established sign


Ever since getting married I’ve been obsessed with finding new ways to show my love for my new last name and the fact that my husband and I are now our own family unit. When I married my husband, I moved up in the alphabet from a ‘W’ last name to an ‘S’ last name and now we’ve got ‘S’ monograms all over the house! I wanted to mix it up a bit though, so I decided to make a cute family established wall sign with our last name and the year of our marriage. It’s super cute and so easy to make and also makes a great gift for friends, family members, or as a wedding present! Let’s get started 🙂


Supplies you’ll need:

family established sign


  • Wood Arrow (or any sort of scrap wood or wood plaque)
  • Silhouette Brand Stencil Material
  • Silhouette Brand White Matte Vinyl
  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • Hook
  • Scraper
  • Acrylic Paint in your choice of colors and paintbrushes
  • Wood Stain


Step 1

family established sign


First stain your wood piece or plaque with your favorite woodstain. I love a nice medium hue that’s not too warm or too cool. I applied my stain with a rag and let dry for an hour or so while I was working on the Silhouette portion of this project!


Step 2

family established sign


Open up your Silhouette design software and layout your text, making sure you are aware of how big your wood is so you know how long/tall to make your design. I used a cute little laurel wreath and heart for my design and utilized the Isabella Font for our last name and Jess Font for the established line. Resize and move things around until you are satisfied with how they look!


Step 3

family established sign


Now, you can cut this whole project out of vinyl if you’d like, but I know that I’ll be wanting to make more of these for friends, so I decided to make the heart and laurel wreath a stencil so I could reuse it for all my projects and put our name and the established date in vinyl. To cut my vinyl, I selected the text and hit ‘cut’ in the cut menu. I then selected my heart and laurel wreath and selected ‘no cut’ so that that graphic wouldn’t be cut in vinyl. Make sure to set your cut settings to Vinyl and change your blade to 2!


family established sign


Load your vinyl into your CAMEO (you don’t need a cutting mat!) and hit ‘load media’ on the touchscreen. Then on your computer simply hit ‘send to Silhouette’ and you are good to go!


To cut out the heart and laurel wreath, I went through the same process of selecting what I wanted cut and not cut in the cut menu, and then changed my material to ‘stencil material’. Again, load the stencil material into your CAMEO without a cutting mat, make sure your cutting settings and blade depth are correct and send it to the machine to be cut!


family established sign


Step 4

family established sign


Weed your vinyl and your stencil! Using the hook, just pop out any unwanted pieces and negative space. The stencil material is thicker so you can just use your fingers to peel away the excess material. Then put some transfer tape over your vinyl portion so that it is ready to be moved to your project! Use your scraper to ensure that all of your letters will transfer when you move it!


family established sign


Step 5

family established sign


Once you are sure that your wood piece is dry, it’s time to transfer your work over! Lay out both your vinyl and your stencil and move them around until you feel they are in the right spot. Use the scraper to transfer your vinyl from the transfer tape to your wood! The stencil material has a sticky back, so all you have to do is peel it from it’s backing paper and press where you want it!


Step 6

family established sign


It’s time to paint! Take some acrylic paint in your desired colors and carefully fill in your stencil. I would recommend using a foam pouncer to fill in your stencil. I didn’t have one on hand so I just used a regular paint brush and carefully brushed/stippled my paint in. I’m absolutely enamored with the stencil material – I love that it has a sticky adhesive back so I don’t have to worry about it shifting while I’m painting and it also prevents paint bleed. Brilliant! Once your paint is dry, remove your stencil to find crisp, beautiful goodness like so:


family established sign


And that’s it! It a few easy steps you can have your very own family established sign. Now just hang it up and you are ready to go! I think pieces like this look excellent in a gallery wall or near the entry to your home. I first tried mine above my save-the-date and postcard corkboard:


family established sign


And while it looks nice there, I decided that I like it best above my bag and coat hooks by our front door. When people come in and hang up their stuff, they’ll immediately know what this family is all about!

Erica Sooter

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Designs Used:

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®




12-inch matte adhesive vinyl

Stencil Material


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