Sketch Pen Envelope Addresses
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Sketch Pen Envelope Addresses

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Snail mail holds a huge part of my heart. Send me a handwritten letter and you’ll easily move to the top of my favorite’s list. There is nothing that compares to opening your mailbox and getting a piece of parcel that is NOT a bill or credit card scam. Amirite? Well, aside from the endless amount of cards you can make with your CAMEO or Portrait, did you know that you can also address your envelopes? …Yes way!


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Whether you’re not a fan of your own handwriting or you have too many envelopes to address yourself (wedding peeps), with the use of Silhouette’s  sketch pens and pen holder, you can get the look of hand addressed envelopes without the carpal tunnel! Bonus!


Addressed Envelopes_Studio Screen Shot


In Silhouette Studio, I made a rectangle sized accordingly with my envelope dimensions. With the cutting mat fully revealed on the screen, you can then place the rectangle on the screen exactly where you’ll place it on your cutting mat. This will ensure that the name and address are sketched in the correct place on the front of the envelope itself. Magic.


Addressed Envelopes_Sketch Pen Detail V


With you envelope in position on your cutting mat, check that the our cut settings are set to “Sketch Pen” and send it to “cut”. Instead of cutting as the CAMEO would with the blade, with the sketch pen option, it will instead “draw” for you. Whether your using Silhouettes sketch pens, or utilizing their pen holder tool to use your own pen of your choice, your cameo will direct it to perfectly sketch the name and address legibly and precisely. How cool is it that? Like I said, magic.


Addressed Envelopes_Feature 3


Doesn’t matter who you write, just be sure to send out some love! Text less, write more and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Brittany Sazonoff

Hi friends, both old and new! My name is Brittany (of BSaz Creates) and I am so excited to be joining the Silhouette Creative Team for another year! Outside of the Creative Team, I am freelance designer and creative living out my life-long affair with crafts in Chicago, IL. I have used my Silhouette CAMEO for projects small and large. From invitations to storefront windows, Silhouette has expanded my capabilities as a one-woman design studio in so many ways. When I'm not working on a project (or even when I am) you can almost always find me eating ice cream and cuddling with my pint sized pup, Brody, who makes quite the appearance on my instagram. I can't wait to continue to share my projects with you all!

Designs Used:

Products Used:

CAMEO Cutting Mat

sketch pen starter kit

Pen Holder

metallic sketch pen pack

silhouette pen holder


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  1. Brilliant! Absolutely love it. Now I’m off to purchase some sketch pens and a holder.

    1. Thank you!!

  2. I love the look of sketching on envelopes! What’s your favorite pen to use in the adjustable pen holder?

    1. Thanks Kelly! I have only tested a few different pens in there, but my favorites are the Staedtler triplus fineliner. I LOVE fine-tip pens of any sort, but those have always been on the top. 🙂

  3. I do this all the time since my handwriting is atrocious. Love the fonts you used! I’ll have to see if I have those.

    1. Ha! I’m actually the opposite. I LOVE hand addressing envelopes, so this was my first time trying it via my CAMEO and I love it just the same!!

  4. I love this idea! I’m also interested in the type of pens you used. Thank you!

    1. Hi Marilyn,

      Thank you! My favorite pens in general are the Steadtler triples fineliner and Sharpie’s pen alternative, which both seem to also be my favorite to use in the pen-holder, though I must admit I haven’t tested many other options!

  5. I am surprised you didn’t mention which two fonts you used to create such a beautiful envelope. Maybe I missed it?

    1. Hi Sara! The fonts are both listed under the “Design Used” as they are both from the Silhouette Online Store! The links are right under my name above – Hope that helps!

  6. Brittany – Great Job! Have you tried using system fonts? What does the drawing look like? I am finding that the Silhouette Traces the outlne of the font, I Does not just draw the letter. I like how yours looks hand-written. I may need to try it with a Silhouette Font.

    1. Hi, you can do an internal offset on a font to fill it in. I saw a tutorial about it online. It takes a few passes of internal offset to get it filled in but once its filled the pen will sketch the inside of the font as well. I used the the internal offset to fill in a font for my wedding envelopes and it turned out great. Looks like calligraphy and I didn’t have to spend hours writing them out by hand!

  7. This is great! When I try printing envelopes with my home printer it’s always 50/50 whether they’ll come out right. I throw away as many envelopes as I use. Last Christmas the envelopes were coming out perfect and then blooey they all went weird and I was scrambling to find more envelopes.
    I’ll be trying this today. Thanks!

  8. Do you have any problems with the envelope staying in place on the mat?

  9. Hi Patsi-

    I had no problem at all with my envelopes staying in place on my mat. 🙂 If yours seem to be moving around, I’d make sure you’re not using the light hold mat or your mat might need to be replaced! Hope that helps!

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