First Cut


Embossing/Debossing (Curio only)
Open design in Silhouette Studio®. In the Page panel, choose the correct page size and the embossing mat.
Adjust your design and add effects under the Embossing icon. If you don’t fill your design with an effect, it will only emboss or deboss the outline.
In the Send panel, select your embossing material. Select the “Fine Embossing Tool” or “Wide Embossing Tool” as the blade type.
In your Curio machine, place the Fine or Wide Embossing tool in the left carrier (red circle).
Adhere your media to Curio’s base
Load your base into Curio.
Click “Start” in the Send tab.
If you are using the Score and Emboss feature, load your regular ratchet blade into Tool 1 (blue) and the embossing tool into Tool 2 (red).
Some materials will work better with the Passes feature increased (Double Pass feature checked in older versions) so you can see the embossing a little clearer.


Designs Used:


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