Double Sided Adhesive
First Cut

Double Sided Adhesive

Double Sided Adhesive and Glitter
Open design in Silhouette Studio®. Position a double-sided adhesive sheet onto your cutting mat with the white side up and feed it into the Silhouette.
In the Send panel, select “Double-Sided Adhesive” as your media. Adjust the blade as indicated and click “Send.”
Remove your project from the cutting mat. Make sure that all excess internal pieces are weeded out.
Remove the yellow liner from the back of the design. Make sure not to remove any adhesive from the white liner.
Carefully place the design into position with the white liner facing up and press into place. Be careful, because double-sided adhesive forms a very strong bond and should only be used for permanent applications.
Remove the white liner, making sure that all the adhesive transfers cleanly.
Liberally apply glitter (or flocking powder) to cover the adhesive design.
Gently brush away excess material. You can brush the glitter right back into the jar.
The adhesive is very strong so use your glitter on a variety of projects.


Designs Used:


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