Floral Baby Onesie
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Floral Baby Onesie

DIY Baby Onesie | like-the-cheese.com for Silhouette

I absolutely LOVE this print and cut floral pattern for one of the free designs in May. When I was thinking of how to use it and saw my friends baby shower coming up, I thought what better way than adding this beauty to a onesie for her sweet baby girl.

DIY Baby Onesie | like-the-cheese.com for Silhouette

  • Open up the Print &  Cut floral design in Silhouette Studio. Note: When using Silhouette’s printable heat transfer paper, you will want to be sure to mirror your images. Simply select your design and click object, mirror, flip horizontally.
  • Before printing, you will need to add registration marks, which is located on the top right of your screen in Silhouette Studio.
  • Be sure to double check the design is within the registration marks, and if it’s good to go, you are now ready to print your design on Silhouette’s printable heat transfer paper.
  • Once the design has printed, you will want to load it back into your Silhouette machine to cut. You will notice the design already has a really nice outline, making cutting a breeze.
  • Follow the directions on the back of the printable heat transfer paper for applying it to the onesie.

DIY Baby Onesie | like-the-cheese.com for Silhouette

An easy and pretty adorable gift idea, don’t you think? I love the colors and the painterly feel to this free design. I’ll definitely be saving this adorable gift idea for future baby showers, because what baby girl wouldn’t look so cute rock’n this floral onesie?!

Brie Zacher

Hello, I'm Brie (like the cheese) and you can find me blogging over at like-the-cheese.com, a place where I can catalog my favorite projects and post anything I'm passionate about. My brain usually has way too many project tabs open at once, but I absolutely love doing anything that deals with DIY crafts, parties, yummy food, paper making, decor, design, and really good photography. I currently reside in Ogden, Utah and have been married for 5 years now to a good look'n hunk, whom I gave my number to at a bakery I used to work at (written on a PB&J sandwich). I also love Dr. Pepper and chocolate (insert flavor here) cupcakes.

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Printable Heat Transfer - Light Fabrics


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  1. I love the design, but is not showing as free in store. Thanks

    1. It definitely should be free now Rosalyn. Head up to your notifications in the design store and you should have gotten a message with the free design.

  2. So cute!

    1. Thanks a bunch Cari! Isn’t this free design the best!

  3. This is adorable! This may be a silly question, but by using the printer would this hold up to washing?

    1. Not a silly question… It was printed on Silhouettes printable heat transfer material and is definitely okay to wash.

  4. This is adorable and what lovely colors 🙂 Great idea!

    1. Thanks Janet. The free design is pretty adorable, I think so too!

  5. Very cute! Printable heat transfer is one of the few things I haven’t tried, even though I have some ready. I love how you used the free shape.

    1. Thanks again Kelly! You will need to try it! Because you’ll love it!

  6. Is there a time limit on how long a design is free? This is $.99 in the store now

  7. So nice! Could you kindly share which printer you use?
    I need to buy a new one, but finding the right one is a difficult task 🙂

    1. I’ve had fancy schmancy printers before, but I have since tossed the thing because buying ink for fancy printers is SO expensive! I now use a INK JET (if you’re printing on Silhouette products, it’s recommended to use ink jet) that is an Epson that can be purchased for about $50. But Canon makes a good printer that can be purchased for $30. Cheap printers work really well these days and ink is cheap.

  8. Can you use a laser jet to print on the heat transfer paper?

    1. I used an ink jet, which is what these sort of projects call for. Hope that helps.

  9. I LOVE this. I am new to the Silhouette and I am trying to gather reviews on the printable heat transfers. How is the quality after it is washed?

    1. Hi Alexa. I made this for my friend, who’s baby has worn it a couple times now and it seems to be holding up perfectly, even after being washed several times. So TWO thumbs up!

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