Curio’s Platforms
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Curio’s Platforms

One of the newest features of Curio is its unique use of platforms. By raising the bar inside the machine, Curio users can feed through new medias like canvas, metal, or wood. And all of this is possible without sacrificing the cutting capabilities.

In order to make Curio more versatile, there have been a few adjustments made to the mat technology. The new 5 mm height of Curio’s bar allows for thicker medias, but this also means that there is a large space between thinner medias and the cutting blade. Curio solves this problem by using removable platforms that you can connect to the base. The platforms add just the right amount of height to bring your media into alignment with the carriage and blade.




If you don’t have the correct platforms in place, you might find yourself getting frustrated when your Curio doesn’t cut. Here’s how to cut down on the frustration and make sure that your experience with Curio is as precise as our cutting machines.


How to Use Curio’s Platforms


The platforms included with Curio are made of a sturdy synthetic material. The platforms raise thinner medias, like cardstock or sticker paper, up to the carriage. In order for the tools to work at the right depth, the height of your media must always equal 5 mm.

There are two types of platforms included with your Curio, Platform 1 and Platform 2. Platform 1 has a thickness of 1 mm and Platform 2 has a thickness of 2 mm. Telling the difference between the two is really simple, as Platform 2 is noticeably thicker than Platform 1.

PlatformsLet’s say that you’re cutting cardstock using Curio. Because the cardstock is significantly thinner than wood or canvas, you have to use the platform as fillers to make up the difference. In this case, you’d use two of the 2 mm platforms and a cutting mat. The cutting mat is mounted on a 1 mm platform. All together 2 mm + 2 mm + 1 mm = 5 mm.

If you’re not a math person, it might seem daunting to calculate the correct number of platforms. To cut down on the stress, Silhouette Studio® does the calculating for you. All you have to do is choose your media on your computer and Silhouette Studio® tells you how many of each platform you need.


How Curio’s Platforms Work with the Base


Curio (1)

The 8.5 in. x 6 in. base is included with your Curio. There are two plastic snaps on either side used to hold the platforms in place. This hard base ensures that stiffer medias like wood or metal are not bent or warped when they are fed through the machine. This reduces slippage between the media and the machine.

The hard base uses a precision loading system that loads the mat the same way every time. This feature, unique to the Curio, allows you to pause your cut job and inspect it. When you’re ready to resume your cut job, feed the hard base back into the machine. Curio picks up right where it left off.

Now that more medias are available to you, what kind of projects are you most excited to start?


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  1. How many 2mm and 1 mm Nats come with the CURIO? You mentioned needing 2-2 mm Nats in order to cut cardstock. Will the CURIO come with enough Nats to achieve this very common cut?

    1. Each Curio comes with two 2 mm platforms, two 1 mm platforms, an embossing mat (mounted on a 1 mm platform) and a cutting mat (also mounted on a 1 mm platform). The two 1 mm platforms are separate from the mounted embossing mat and the mounted cutting mat. Curio will be able to handle the same cuts as the Portrait and the CAMEO.

      1. That’s wonderful! Thanks for the info 🙂
        Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  2. Does this use 12×12 card stock?

    1. Curio has a mat size of 8.5 in. x 6 in.. A larger base (8.5 in. x 12 in.) will be available for purchase separately. Curio’s cutting capability will be able to handle many (if not all) of the same medias as the Portrait or the CAMEO.

  3. Very interesting…looking forward to viewing other informative pieces on the curio. Being a metalsmither (solder and work with metals–coppper, sterling silver and brass) I am particularly intrigued with the etching…will look for that piece for sure. Having the platforms explains how it can handle some of the different materials.

  4. I’m wanting to cut 2mm thick sheets of cured polymer clay. Do the platforms have something to help hold the material in place like the cutting mats do?

    Thank you

    1. When you cut with Curio you will use a cutting mat very similar to the mats used with the Portrait or the CAMEO. The mat is coated with a temporary adhesive, which allows you to stick different types of media to the mat. This adhesive will adhere to most medias. You can also prevent movement or slippage by using fabric fasteners to hold your media in place. Fabric fasteners are thin pieces of plastic that, when placed on the adhesive, provide extra stability.

  5. Thank you for all the additional information you have been sharing with us!

  6. Tiny note: the word “media” is already plural and doesn’t need an “s” on the end (the singular is “medium”). Excited to see all the new features of this machine!

  7. The descriptions say curio can handle thicker mediums like chipboard and wood, but can it actually cut all the way through chipboard, mat board or balsa wood? I’m hearing the cutting force is 210 like the cameo, so I’m curious about the curios capabilities. Or are thicker mediums just for sketching and such?

    1. Hi Luci! Curio is not meant to replace other wood or metal cutting machines. Curio’s new clearance level is designed specifically to accommodate thicker materials for etching, sketching, or embossing. However, with the release of the new Deep Cut blade it will be possible to cut materials that are up to 2 mm thick. The effectiveness of the Deep Cut blade depends on the type of media you are cutting. Rougher textures like chipboard are more likely to catch on the blade, making it harder to cut. If you choose to use thicker medias with the deep cut blade, remember to adjust your machine accordingly to protect the lifespan of your blade.

  8. Boa Tarde!

    Prezado Senhores,

    Por gentileza poderiam me informar o valor da silhoutte curio e se tem um kit mais completo por exemplo contendo as canetinhas e base maior?

    Fico no aguardo das respostas para uma possível compra.



  9. Can the deep cut blade be used with the Silhouette Cameo……instead of having to triple cut heavier media?

  10. Hello there i have a question, can you cut felt with the curio?

    1. Curio can cut up to 2 mm with the new Deep Cut blade, which is available for purchase separately. You can cut felt, but the quality of the cut will depend on how coarse the felt is and the cut settings you use. Hope this helps!

  11. You mention fabric fasteners. Could you be more specific. I am trying to find some.


    1. Hi Sharon! I know I called them fabric fasteners in the post, but a better name for them is material fasteners. They are thin strips of plastic about 4.5 in. long with comb-like teeth on one end. They help hold the edges of your material in place by sticking to the embossing mat and they come with Curio. However, any piece of thin plastic (like the plastic cover you use to protect bound reports) would work just as well.

  12. Your instructions above indicate “All you have to do is choose your media on your computer and Silhouette Studio® tells you how many of each platform you need”
    I don’t see that information. Also, where do you put that information in if you are creating your own material types that are not already defined. Another question… not related to the platform. When I send to cut I get a little tick mark or starting point. It’s not in my file and messing up my designs. Does it have something to do with registration? I have registration turned off in the settings. What else can I do?

  13. What mat and blade setting do you recommend for the curio when cutting regular vinyl? I tried the recommended settings but it did not cut all the way through. I played around with it and though I found the right combination, but it only cut near the edge of the mat. When I have a design towards the middle of the mat the blade does not cut through. I am hoping you will be able to help me out because I have already gone through so much vinyl trying to find the right combination.

  14. I have tried everything, and I cannot get my machine to emboss

    1. Thanks for the comment Carol! We will be posting a couple of blog tutorials on embossing with Curio in the next few weeks. If you continue to have trouble with your Curio please contact customer support. You can find their contact information online at

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