Curio And CAMEO—What To Expect [Article Excerpt]
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Curio And CAMEO—What To Expect [Article Excerpt]

The following is an excerpt from an article written by Curio expert Gloria Uhler. To read the full article, visit Gloria’s website.

When the newer Curio was introduced around the summer of 2015, I looked forward to learning what it could do. It was confusing at first . . . Of course, that has all changed. Now you’ll find abundant information to address most every question you may have.

I guess it was inevitable that the new Curio [would] share space on my counter top along side the CAMEO . . . I have been experimenting and comparing the two. There is a good deal to tell you and many misconceptions to dispel regarding each machine. I am finally ready to share what I have learned, focusing on the questions I had last summer but could not get answered. If you are interested in buying a machine but remain unsure of which would best suit you, I hope this article sheds some light on the subject.

To read the full article, visit Gloria’s website here. 

Do you have questions about the differences between the CAMEO and Curio? Comment below!


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  1. Good afternoon Lauren,

    I recently bought both machines (Curio and Cameo), and install the software to use Curio (and update it too), my question is:
    I can use the same software (Silhouettestudio) to operate both machines, is it possible to install the 2 on the same PC?

    Waiting for your comments, greetings.

    Abel VM

    1. Abel, yes, you use Silhouette Studio® to run both machines from the same computer, same software. The machine that was most recently connected and turned on will determine your cut area and availability of special options like Stipple or Etch functions. Enjoy your new machines!

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