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Craft Organizer Tags

Home Decor | Craft Organizer Tags | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America

If you’re anything like me and you have an abundance of mason jars and craft supplies, then this project is one for you! I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I swim in a hoard of glitter and glue on the daily, and am constantly trying new ways of keeping myself organized. Even more so, if you share space with anyone else, some times things end up getting put back where they don’t belong. Or in my case, they get moved from one pile to the next- but, not anymore!

With a quick stop at Target’s dollar spot, and a run through my CAMEO, I’ve made some easy-to-follow organization tags to help keeps things in place! Using the LW TALL font (Design ID: #47439) from the Silhouette Design Store, I centered my text inside a box equivalent to the wooden tags so that they were sized appropriately.

Home Decor | Craft Organizer Tags | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America


Be sure to check your blade settings so that they are manually adjusted to match the recommended settings for Vinyl in the Cut Settings windows of Silhouette Studio. If you are concerned about the settings, you can always use the “test cut” feature to assure that your settings are correct.

Home Decor | Craft Organizer Tags | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America



Since I was using a small amount of material, I first cut the correct amount of vinyl out to fit my designs and placed it in on the cutting mat. After it cut, I used my Silhouette Hook Tool to weed the excess vinyl. The rectangle around the text (weed lines), makes it even easier to peel away the vinyl without shifting details pieces!

Home Decor | Craft Organizer Tags | Brittany Sazonoff (BSaz Creates) for Silhouette America



After adhering the vinyl cut out to the transfer paper, I then used my scraper tool to adhere the vinyl to the wooden tag.

Craft Oraganzier Tags_3sm


Peel back the transfer paper and there you have it! Tags that are easy to locate, easy to read, and easy for all members of the family to follow. I hope you enjoy this quick tip for organization. Happy crafting!

Brittany Sazonoff

Hi friends, both old and new! My name is Brittany (of BSaz Creates) and I am so excited to be joining the Silhouette Creative Team for another year! Outside of the Creative Team, I am freelance designer and creative living out my life-long affair with crafts in Chicago, IL. I have used my Silhouette CAMEO for projects small and large. From invitations to storefront windows, Silhouette has expanded my capabilities as a one-woman design studio in so many ways. When I'm not working on a project (or even when I am) you can almost always find me eating ice cream and cuddling with my pint sized pup, Brody, who makes quite the appearance on my instagram. I can't wait to continue to share my projects with you all!

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12-inch matte adhesive vinyl


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  1. Ah, a woman after my own heart! Staying organized can be a challenge in my craft room, but like you, I have everything neatly labeled. Your new tags are not only functional, but they are classy looking. Good job!

    1. Thank you so much, Dawn!

  2. Very cool idea! Thanks.

  3. Cute tags, and beautiful organization!

    1. Thank you, Kelly!

  4. Is there any problems with vinyl sticking to wooden tags?
    It is not a flat, smooth surface and I would think there would be an issue staying stuck.

    1. Hi Sue,

      Luckily, I had absolutely zero issues with the vinyl adhering to the wood! Hope it’s easy for you as well. 🙂

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