Metal Etching Sheet – Page 2
First Cut

Etched Metal Holiday Decor

  One of the first questions I had when preparing to use the Etch function with the Curio for the first time was how to fill shapes and letters so it would be carved inside. As it turns out, that’s really easy, and the etching process is one of the easiest things you can do with the Curio. To fill a shape or words with an etch-able design, go to the Emboss Window and choose the Emboss/Deboss option. (This window is only available if you have a Curio, and the etching tool is only for use with the Curio.) For…

Etched Metal Jewelry

The stippling and etching tool for Curio is finally here! Let me tell you guys: it’s amazing!       My mind was spinning with things I wanted to make, but I figured I should start with a simple project. I rounded up a few metal stamping blanks and picked the sketched camera design.     I didn’t expect my first project to be a success, but it was! It works a lot like the sketch pens, but instead of sketching you’re etching.     To get the right placement for the metal blanks I used the same placement trick…

Using Thicker Media With Your Curio

With Curio, Silhouette raised the bar.  Literally. What Curio’s 5mm clearance means for you is more creative options.  Using wood as a project pallet?  Sure. What about metal?  You bet. Can you say game changer?  Custom home decor artists and mixed media artists can now rejoice!  Curio has come to expand your creative horizons and give you more options for your designs to come to life. See the video below to learn more about using thicker media with your Curio.            

Stippling & Etching With Your Curio

Did you know the Curio can both stipple and etch?   Etching Curio’s new clearance level of 5 mm means that you can use new materials like metal. With this new medium, new crafting options are available. The stippling & etching tool is meant to accommodate these new possibilities. You can etch designs for home decor, personalize pet’s tags, and so much more.     But while you might be familiar with the etching process, which involves scratching a design into a surface, the stippling process might be a bit of a mystery to you. So here are a few things…