First Cut

Drawing Line Tools

Let’s continue our tour of Silhouette Studio’s Version 4.1! We’re going to specifically talk about the Draw A Line tool, and all that you are able to do with it. For starters, you can locate the Draw A Line tool on the toolbar on the left-hand side of the page. This will be the third icon down that looks like a line.  This tool is great for customizing your designs, adding weed lines, and building specific shapes. When you hover over the Draw A Line icon, you’ll notice that our software gives you the capability to draw 4 different types of lines. You…

Silhouette Studio® Shortcuts

Silhouette Studio® Shortcuts Document PC Mac New Document ctrl + n cmd + n Open Document ctrl + o cmd + o Save Document ctrl + s cmd + s Print ctrl + p cmd + p Copy ctrl + c cmd + c Paste ctrl + v cmd + v Cut ctrl + x cmd + x Undo ctrl + z cmd + z Redo ctrl + shift + z cmd + shift + z Pan Tool spacebar spacebar Drag-zoom Tool z z Fit to window ctrl + 1 cmd + 1 File PC Mac Save as ctrl +…


Troubleshooting Table of contents Silhouette Machine Cutting Cutting Mat Software Library Silhouette Cloud Silhouette Machine My Silhouette Machine Is So Loud! If your Silhouette makes noise while cutting, it is probably normal. Lift your Silhouette’s lid to make sure any tape that is connecting the motor to the side of the unit has been removed. If this was not previously removed, this would be the cause of the excessive noise. Remove the tape and power the Silhouette unit back on. Otherwise, know that the Silhouette is unfortunately not a whisper-quiet unit. It’s a little noisy. The sounds are likely normal….


Glossary .studio file: The file format in which Silhouette Studio® saves your design. 3D relief: The stamp sheet after the Mint prints a design on it. The Mint uses a UV light to burn your design into the stamp sheet. The thermal printing process works in a way similar to light-sensitive paper. The light burns the areas around your design, leaving behind a relief. Active cut area: The area inside the red border where your Silhouette will cut. Anything outside of this area will not be cut. Anything overlapping this line will be sliced where the red line hits. Anti-aliasing:…