Baking Supplies Labels
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Baking Supplies Labels

baking supplies labels


baking supplies labels


Hello, friends! Erica here. I don’t know about you, but I just love cute kitchen supplies and storage. One thing I’ve been wanting to make foreverrrrr are those cute little canisters with the labels on them that have the dictionary definitions of what’s inside. When I discovered Silhouette made Clear Sticker Paper and even had a picture of what I wanted to do on the packaging, I knew I had to make my dream a reality!


I downloaded HelloGirlFont and LW Perfect Type for my fonts. Did you know that when you download fonts from the Silhouette store they don’t show up in your library like regular images? They download automatically and install straight onto your computer. To use the fonts, just click the ‘text tool’ and then select the font from the dropdown menu. Easy as pie! The extra cool thing is that once you have these fonts you can use them in any other application, like Word, Photoshop and more! For this project, I typed up my definitions in Adobe Illustrator, exported it as PNG file and then opened it up in my Silhouette Software. Once in the software, I took the ‘draw a square’ tool and made boxes around my labels. This is where the machine will cut!


baking supplies labels


Now the super important part when using print and cut materials like sticker labels – turn on those registration marks! To do so, just click on the registration marks icon that is 4th from the left in the Silhouette software and then turn the style to ‘On; Type 1 (CAMEO, Portrait)’. Print out your labels on your regular home printer. It’s so awesome that you can use this paper with both inkjet and laser printers – score! Make sure you are putting the paper in so the shiny side of the Clear Sticker Paper gets printed on! Once you print, stick that sheet on a cutting mat, select ‘clear sticker paper’ in the cut menu, and cut away! The CAMEO will find the registration marks and know exactly where to cut. Easy Peasy! After that just, peel them off the backing and slap them on any tupperware or holders you have on hand, et voila, fancy baking supplies canisters 🙂


baking supplies labels


baking supplies labels


baking supplies labels


Normally I have regular white sugar around, but after I was almost out I decided to try some raw sugar instead! Both are equally sweet and equally good 🙂


baking supplies labels


These baking supplies canisters look great on a counter or open shelf so they aren’t taking up valuable real estate in your pantry and are easy to have on hand when you are baking up a storm!


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  1. Super cute! I love my collection of fonts I’ve purchased from the design store.

  2. Where are the canisters from?

    1. The canisters look like the ones at Ikea.

    2. Sondra is right – they came from Ikea! I don’t think they sell this specific model anymore, but they have several similar options!

  3. Can the canisters be washed with the labels on? Does the ink smear? Are the labels easy to remove? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jamie – I don’t think the labels would do well in the dishwasher – they were printed using a regular printer so I imagine the ink would wash off or the sticker material would warp due to heat. However, they are super easy to remove and repositions so it would totally be possible to remove them and set them aside while washing the canisters!

  4. Oh, I just saw your labels – how fun! Love them and now I’ll need to make some. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  5. Erica, thanks a lot. I always wanted to make some but didn’t know how.

  6. Can you stamp on this material?

  7. not for sure. You can pretty much download anything and import it to your library file in Silhouette.

  8. I’m new to this, I just purchased a Silhouette Cameo and was browsing, I really like this idea! I have some small “antique” canisters, they are from the 1970’s so that’s antique right? They have mushrooms on them, if that tells ya anything! and for labels I just made them out of paper and taped them on using wide packing tape, tacky but it worked, this is way cooler, thanks for sharing, might just be my first project!

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