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3D Star


3d star by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America Blog



Isn’t this weeks free design beautiful? While this star may seem a little intimidating, it’s actually quite simple to assemble. Here are the supplies I used to create this lovely 3d star:

  • Silhouette CAMEO
  • 12″x12″ Cutting Mat
  • 2 sheets 12″x12″ red cardstock
  • double sided tape
  • (opt) light weight led wire light strand

Load cut file into Silhouette and select cut settings. Adjust size if necessary.. (The design fits the 12″x 24″ cutting mat, but since I didn’t have that size cardstock I cut out the design 2 times with 12″x12″ cardstock and cutting mat.


Apply cardstock to mat and insert into silhouette.

Cutting 3d star



Cut shape. (Repeat if necessary to get 8 sections total)

3d star by Blooming Homestead



Fold on perforated lines.

star design



Using 4 of the pieces, you’ll apply adhesive to the flaps to secure to each other until one side of the star is completed (I used double sided tape)

3d easy star by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America Blog

Easy 3d Star by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America



Repeat previous steps to assemble remaining 4 pieces to create the other side of the star. (Optional: I taped a small super lightweight strand of led light inside to make it glow at night. I also added a mini white glitter ball to the front of the star.)

Easy Star by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America



When you have both sides assembled, you can attach them together to finish off the 3d look. This takes a little handy work to get all the edges to line up evenly.

Star by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America



Now you have a lovely star which will make a great addition to your holiday decor.

3d star by Blooming Homestead for Silhouette America

Marie Chorak

Hello! I am Marie from Blooming Homestead and I have a passion for all things crafty, this includes home decorating, organization, digital design, DIY, and cooking yummy comfort food! As a recent first time home buyer, I enjoy making our house into a home while sticking to a budget (gotta love those student loans!) This usually requires me to think outside the box and get creative. I love sharing my tutorials and projects in hopes that I can inspire others. When I am not crafting, I like to read, shop, watch movies, and visit with family & friends. Most importantly, I love spending time with my husband of 12 years and our two children who keep us on our toes.

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  1. I never thought of using my silhouette for something like this! SO COOL!

    1. Super fun right?

    1. IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thigns like that?

  2. Very Nice!

  3. Oh so sparkly. Thanks for the inspiration…cool idea!

  4. Lovely – thank you 🙂

  5. That turned out well. Nifty idea.

  6. Gracias por compartir…estas navidad es la haré. Un abrazo

  7. Gracias por compartir…estas navidad la haré. Un abrazo

  8. Where did you find the lightweight strand of led lights?

    1. Found mine at A.C. Moore Craft store.

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