Silhouette Studio® Version 4.1 Released!
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Silhouette Studio® Version 4.1 Released!

We at Silhouette are happy to tell you that a new update is out! Version 4.1 is here! And with that update comes some new features that we are really excited to share with you. Version 4.0 was all about a new look and feel, a software that was more intuitive and easier to use.  Now, with Version 4.1 we are giving you a feature-rich update that gives you more. So without further ado, here’s Version 4.1! Click here to upgrade your software.


Yes, you read that right. Now you will have the ability to export your studio files as SVG, PDF, and JPEG file formats! Click to watch how this feature works. SVG files can be edited and used with design software that does not support the .Studio file type. Click here to upgrade to Business Edition, our most feature-loaded edition of Silhouette Studio®. Watch this video to see this top feature in action!

Pop-up Creator

Who doesn’t like making custom cards with their Silhouette machine? Now with the new Pop-Up Creator, you can take those cards to a whole new level. Take any of your beloved designs and turn them into a Pop-Up easily with this feature. See the Pop-Up feature in action!

Conical Warp

Raise your hand if you have a slight obsession with personalizing mugs with vinyl. We know how hard it can be to get your design to lay flat when you are adhering it to a curved surface.  Now with the new Conical Warp tool, it couldn’t be easier. This tool allows you to warp your design to perfectly fit around any surface.  It’s as simple as selecting your design, opening up the Conical Warp panel, entering in the dimension of your object, and cutting out your design. Watch this video to see the warp feature in action!

Multiple Undo/Redo

Let’s face it. We have all, at one point or another, faced the dreaded task of hitting the undo button 100 times because of a mistake we have made. With this update, you will now have the ability to do multiple undo/re-dos at once. When you hit the icon, located next to the original undo re-do icons, a list of all your actions will show up, you can now select how far backward or forward you would like to go. Simply select how many steps you want to move and watch the magic unfold in supersonic speed. See this feature in action!

Sticky Notes

Are you like us and have notebooks or scrapes of paper filled with notes on projects, and you can never find them when you need them?  Now with the Sticky Notes tab you can leave yourself notes right in your design studio. The Notes can then be saved with your design, that way every time you open that file you can see them. Watch this to see more!


Ever wondered how to add accents to letters or extra curls and swirls to your fonts? With the Designer Edition version of V4.1, you have the ability to see all the Glyphs, or special characters or symbols available for any given font. Watch more here.

New Font Features:

   Font improvements:  We all have that go to font-the font that just seems to work with every project. Now it’s at the top of your list, no need to scroll, no need to type it in the search. With the new update, you will be able to see a list of your frequently used and recently used fonts right there on top.

   Font Management: Anyone else ever wish you could organize your fonts in any other way besides alphabetically? With the Designer Edition of V4.1, you have the ability to make custom folders to organize your fonts (i.e. Script, Serif, Handwritten, etc.) and have them appear in your fonts list.  Think of the time that could save! See font management in action here.


With the new warp feature, you will be able to take any design or font and manipulate it to fit your needs. This will allow you more freedom to customize your design. Whether it be a design from the Design Store or one you created yourself. Learn more about this feature in this video.

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  1. Is the new software compatible with older models (Silhouette SD, in particular)?

  2. I have been using the beta 4.1 and love it

  3. You really should put it in writing that you can only save SVG’s that you have created yourself. I just wasted another $50!! My Silhouette went to crap and I have all these files I have bought and can’t use anymore and tonight was so excited that I could use them again with my other cutter (can’t afford another Silhouette) Just save them as SVG and cut on other machine right. WRONG so now more money down the drain. Thank you very much!!

    1. I’m sorry you feel misled, Gloria. The video tutorial linked above and the release notes both state you can’t save design store files as SVG. However, there is a new option in the design store that lets you purchase designs with an SVG addition, and I believe something may be in the works to get previously purchased files in SVG format. Stay tuned for more information on that!

      1. I would love for that to happen……as I have many, many images that I have purchased from the store. Hope it happens soon.

  4. Hi Silhouette, I was wondering if the perforated line option has been put back in to this update, as it appeared in Ver. 3. x. I am currently using Ver. 4.0.837ssde and I only have “No Cut”, “Cut”, and “Cut Edge” under the action tab.

      1. Thank you Kelly! I did send a message to customer service when 4.0 first came out. They were going to forward my message on to the software engineers. I was told at the time that I could use the line style feature until this was fixed and actually, I had already figured that part out. I guess it would be nice if and when an update is released that along with “what is new in features” you would also include what has “changed/moved/or been taken away”. It would save us from spending a lot of time trying to figure out if it is us, our computers, or if it is a change in the software that we have not been made aware of. Thanks again for your response! Colleen

    1. Instead, you can use line styles to get perforation, its even adjustable.

      1. Thank you Kay! Yes, I have been using the line style for perforations. I guess it will have to do for now 🙂

  5. Do we need to save our library or back anything up before updating? I am excited about these amazing changes but was are the risks?

    1. Sharon, back ups are always a good idea. Your files purchased from the design store are with your purchase history and can be retrieved if anything ever goes wrong. But you can back up your library in pre-cloud versions with File > Library > Export Library and save that file on your hard drive. In earlier cloud versions, back up your Local User Library by right clicking on “Local User” and choose Export. Do the same with your Cloud Library (identified with your email address and a cloud icon). I hope that helps!

  6. Wow, I am so excited by this!
    >Save as JPEG and PDF – awesome!
    >Save fonts under folders – brilliant! At present I have a Word document with headings like “script fonts”, “stencil fonts” etc that I refer to!
    >Sticky notes for the win! I currently type notes to myself in the design, using the normal text too – this way is so much better!
    I’m going to download the new software right away 🙂

  7. fun

  8. Great news

  9. Hello
    I have the business edition. when I download the new version will it merge into my business edition?
    Thank you

    1. Yes, any update will apply to any upgrade edition you have. No need to worry about losing it.

      1. UpDATES are free and just update whatever version of the software you currently have. They don’t affect your upGRADES which are paid enhancements.

  10. Thank You

  11. Wow! I’m really excited about all the new features! The pop-up feature sounds really cool 🙂

  12. With this new version do you have to use the Cloud? I live off grid and am on satellite and can’t use it as it eats up too much download gigs. I really want to upgrade.

    1. Yes, version 4.1 uses the Cloud. Please be aware that only the initial update of your library, syncing your library, and purchasing designs from the Design Store requires internet. The rest of the time you are using the software does not require internet. Only the initial update is potentially time consuming, and that will depend on the size of your library.

  13. IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! – This really reduces me having to go into photoshop or illustrator!!!!!!

  14. Should I NOT upgrade If I don’t have the new Silhouette machine? And are there any other updates I need to do before this one or does it just over ride what is there with complication?

    1. Jonie, this update will run any Silhouette machine, so don’t worry. You should not need to do any interim updates. If this is your first time updating to the Cloud, it may take a bit longer than other updates.

  15. Thanks a lot for these info. I have update to version 4.1 and I am on the designer edition, but I cannot see any of these new features you are refering to. (either the popup creator or the folder in the font panel…) Do you have any idea why ? Could it be because I am on a French version ?

    1. Agnes, are you sure your designer edition stayed active? In the upper left corner of the screen it should say “Silhouette Studio Designer Edition” or the Help > About Silhouette Studio should include “ssde” after the version number. If you need to reactivate designer edition, just plug in your license key again. If you have designer edition still active, then it could have something to do with the French version. Please contact if you need assistance with these things.

      1. Yes, everything says Designer Edition and the ssde mention is there too. I am sending an email right now. Thanks for the help !

  16. It won’t install my entire library.

  17. This is great news! I am a MAC user and I noticed when I open Silhouette>Help>Upgrade there is no upgrade. Do you know when that upgrade is coming?

    1. Judi, the “upgrade” is for an upgrade to Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, or Business Edition (you will need to purchase a license). The “update” to Silhouette Studio 4.1 is free, and you can find the download for it here: (Look for Silhouette Studio > Current version)

  18. The new features sound so exciting! I currently have Designer Edition. If I update the software to this new update, will I lose my designer edition features? I guess I’m asking if I lose what I paid for.

    1. Never mind. I found the answer after looking harder. I’m not upgrading, but updating. Happy crafting!

      1. Glad you found it, Holly. 🙂 All updates keep the upgrade in place and you keep your designer edition features (and get new ones!).

  19. So far so good. There are a few things I miss about the older version but i am sure I will get used to the new way of doing things.

  20. I have been waiting to get rid of v1.9 (the last edition that allowed for export to svg) for a long time. Thanks for bringing it back!

  21. Love all the new features but I am confused. When I start the new edition it states it is loading over 11,000 files but there are now only 3600 in my design library and they are no longer categorized. Took me a long time to do that and not real happy they are gone. Luckily all my personal designs and fonts are backed up on a separate hard drive! and are categorized!! You should warn about this…..

  22. est-il possible de lire en Français?

  23. Request for the next release: When you are opening a file from your library, press a letter to jump to files starting with that letter. I’m sick of scrolling to get to the lower files 😛

    1. Amanda, have you tried the search bar in the library? I usually only have to type in the first 2-3 letters to narrow it down and find what I’m looking for.

  24. Conical Warp only in Designer PLUS and above.
    Bit of an sly move, considering plus is more for embroidery and rhinestone features.

  25. Hello! Forgive me, I’m Brazilian, I’m Brazilian.
    I updated the studio to version 4.1, but the screen is different from this tutorial and some features do not appear.
    Thank you,

  26. If I don’t like version 4.1 can I go back to version 3?

    1. Yes, Stephen. You can simply uninstall like any other program on your computer, then reinstall the lower version that you want. (You will need the .exe installation file for the version you want to go back to.) It’s fairly risk free to try it for a couple of weeks and then go back if you don’t like it. 🙂

  27. in the new update how do you show the library at the same time as your work space because i just like to drag things into it when using multiple designs
    thank you

    1. Version 4 does not have the ability to show the library at the same time as the work space. If this is a feature you’d like to see returned, please send your feedback to You’re not the only one who misses that feature! 🙂

  28. The WordArt feature that I have been waiting for is not available yet, when can I expect it?

    1. I understand it’s still coming, but no date set yet.

  29. When trying to save a new design I don’t see the window where you can add all the “tags” to search for it later. All I saw was an field to enter a name. Can you point me to it?

    1. Kathleen, saving designs to your library is a little different now. You can save to your Local User library with just a name, then once it’s saved you can right click on the thumbnail image to “Show Properties” and add keywords, etc. at that point. If you’d like to see it the way it was before, I suggest sending your request to for the software developers to consider.

  30. Hello! I’m a Silhouette newbie. Just purchased and set up my Cameo 3 a few days ago. Which version should I be updating to?
    The following comes up when I click on “Update Software”

    Current Version 4.1.197 Release Mac | Windows 350mb | 230mb Windows 7 & higher Mac OSX 10.7 & higher Notes
    Beta Version(s) 4.1.304 Beta Mac | Windows 350mb | 279mb Win 7 & higher Mac OSX 10.7 & higher Notes

    1. Congratulations on your new machine, Melva! Use the “Current Release” for Mac or Windows, whichever system you are using.

  31. Love 4.1. I have business edition but cannot find an icon for Word Art. Help!

    1. Word Art is not yet available in 4.1. It’s still coming in a future update.

  32. How do I open my bought svg’s? I’m using other software, but can not find it any where…
    Please help!

    1. That’s a good question! You need to go to your download summary page (in the Silhouette Design Store go to your Account > My Download History > Order #). Then you can check the box(es) to download SVGs, and click the button (upper right of that section) for “Download Now.” You’ll then choose a place on your computer to place that zipped file containing your SVGs and can access them from other programs.

  33. I am about to retire so I purchased the Silhouette 3, Curio, mint and business edition to go with my 4.1 Beta. I am still using my Silhouette Cameo and I just love all the new features in 4.1…Happy crafting all x

    1. What a fun way to retire! Congratulations, Melanie!

  34. Help! I downloaded the new version and now all of my library is gone except my first 100! how can I get them back. not happy as I have lost all my holiday files. why would you do this? I love my Silhoutte but this is very upsetting.

  35. OK, I found my library but I had categorized them and that is all gone. very disappointed it did not save them as I had them but glad I found them. I have modified them and saved to my hard drive so I have them but wish my library had not changed. thank you.

    1. This is an issue that affects some users, unfortunately. The newest 4.1.201 update is supposed to avoid that issue. If you uninstall the cloud version and go back to 3.6.057, your library files will all be in place again. You may want to reach out to and see if they have any suggestions for you.

  36. Bonjour,

    J’ai la version 3 et je rencontre un problème.

    Lorsque je suis sur ma bibliothèque, je cherche un motif et tout d’un coup apparait un cadre dans lequel est écrit :

    Silhouette Studio. exe a cessé de fonctionner.

    Un problème a fait que le programme a cessé de fonctionner correctement. Windows va fermer ce programme et vous indiquer si une solution est disponible. Fermer le programme.

    Et je dois rallumer le programme. Que dois je faire ?

  37. Se eu tiver a licença, posso baixar normalmente a versão 4? Não vou perder nada?

    1. La licencia se transferirá con la versión 4 y mantendrá las características adicionales.

  38. If I have the license, can I usually download version 4? Will not I miss anything?

    1. When you update to version 4, your Designer Edition or Business Edition or whichever you have will also be updated, so you won’t miss a thing (and will get the extra features that go with your upgraded edition). If by any chance the license doesn’t transfer over, you can retrieve your license key from your Account section in the Silhouette Design Store, then enter the info again in Help > Upgrade Silhouette Studio. Easy peasy! 🙂

  39. Okay – I exported my Library to my external hard drive. Once I update, how do I re-install my Library? Also, will everything, including png files, reappear?

    1. Lancene, you shouldn’t need to re-install your Library. If all goes well, everything that was in your library before will be there again. The difference in the Cloud versions of Silhouette Studio is your design-store purchased files will all go into into the cloud section of your library and other designs like those you’ve imported or created yourself (including your png files) will go into the Local User section of your library. That export file is more of a “just in case” if the library update doesn’t go smoothly. Then you can get customer support involved. 🙂

      1. So, I took the plunge and updated – very mixed result so far. The Library did download but it was pretty jacked up – especially the studio files in the cloud. Almost 4,000 files just got dumped in the “recent downloads” file. Slowly re-filing them in appropriate folders, one design at a time. Also, some of the jpeg patterns downloaded up to five or six times each, so slowly trying to weed out duplicates. The basic Library structure is still in place, so at least I’m not starting from scratch this time. Other than Library glitches I’m not experiencing any real difficulty using the design space – just takes awhile to find things.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that, Lancene! Did you try to import that library export? And did you reach out to Silhouette Support?

          1. No Kelly – the basic structure imported okay and I think all the images are there (I have a LOT of designs) and since it’s Labor Day Weekend I would have to wait until Tuesday to do anything about it so I’m just going to get things in place myself. I’m beyond disappointed with the upgrade to font management – I didn’t realize that the folder option only worked for those fonts purchased in the design store. I was really looking forward to that feature. Really, most of the upgrade doesn’t apply to me since I don’t have any need for the Business Edition – I can already save as a PDF(although jpeg and svg would have been nice) – I do think I’ll like the sticky note feature though. Anyway – thanks for responding – I’m getting it all worked out.

  40. Help, I have been trying to download 4.1, I had 4.0 downloaded, new at this and I didn’t know what I was doing and read not to,download after I did. Now I am trying to install 4.1 and it gets stuck, won’t finish and won’t let me cancel or get out of it, I don’t know what to do – can anyone help me with suggestions. Thanks

  41. In fonts I can see the names of previously bought fonts but none of the images :-(. I use the images to help me pick the one I use.
    The only font that has an image is one I bought today (31/8/17). Is there a way we can get the images for historic purchases? Really miss this feature

    1. Jill, if you right click on a font image thumbnail (or where it should be) you can click “Retry Download.” When you close and re-open Studio the thumbnail images should be there for the ones you re-downloaded.

  42. Still using the old version. I like my graphics docked to the left. I don’t like having to go back and forth. To bad this feature was removed.

    1. It took me about a week to get used to it, but I really love the new flow in version 4. Whenever I go back to my computer that’s running v3 it drives me crazy because I’m used to the update. You might want to give it a chance, Melanie. 🙂 If you don’t like it you can always uninstall v4 and reinstall v3.

  43. Perfect release to do during labor weekend, somehow the update installed itself and now if my registration fails there’s no option to cancel the job. The only way to keep cutting is restart everything. The usual drill of adjustments a customer needs to go through every time Silhouette decides to release a new version.
    Please let me know if anybody has a solution.

  44. Still can’t get the new version 4.1 to load. Says “An error occurred.” It was not possible to restore normal operations. The operation must now quit. It shuts down and will not go any further.

  45. Has anyone with the Business edition of Sil studio had any issues accessing certain fonts that have variations within them? For example, I use Betterfly font a lot and there are multiple styles of that font. In the designer edition I would select butterfly as my font and then would be able to choose which style I wanted within the text box, in the business edition I don’t have that option. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. It took me a minute to find it, but there is a little dropdown arrow next to the Bold, Italic, and Underline icons in the Text Style Panel. If your font has extra styles, when you click that small dropdown arrow you can access the other styles. Most of my fonts don’t have extra styles, but if you know they do then that’s where to find them.

  46. Installing new 4.1 like it says but halfway through it stopped. Omg I’m having enough trouble just figuring out how to set it up. Lol Help !

  47. I updated to the 4.1 and now my all my cuts are in slow motion, I have two computers and its the same on both. Any suggestions?

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