Make Your Own Wonder Woman Swag!
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Make Your Own Wonder Woman Swag!

Before you read this tutorial, I need to warn you. Making your own t-shirts is extremely addicting! It is incredibly easy, quick and can save you money. Most importantly, it’s so fun! Thanks to the Silhouette Design Store, the possibilities are endless.

Just as all super heroes have a good origin story, I wanted to share my inspiration for this project. With the desire to make something really “super” this summer, I turned to the Silhouette Design Store for help. With a few key strokes I found amazing Wonder Woman™ designs! What better way to start the summer than with celebrating one of the most iconic super hero legends of all time. With her lasso of truth and her invisible jet, Wonder Woman is a great role model for all women and children. After finding the Wonder Woman™ designs, I knew I had to make some t-shirts supporting the heroic Heroine.

Now when my family goes to see Wonder Woman™ this weekend, our custom t-shirts are sure to make the experience “super”!

Supplies Needed:

Step One: Select Your Design

  1. In the Silhouette Design Store, search “Wonder Woman” to see the many possibilities for your t-shirt. I used the Wonder Woman™ Logo. Good luck choosing only one!
  2. After you have chosen and downloaded your design, open it in Silhouette Studio®.

Step Two: Print & Cut

  1. Mirror your image if you are using heat transfer for light colored fabrics. You can do this by selecting Object> Mirror> Flip Horizontally.
  2. Adjust the size of your design based on how big you want it on your t-shirt.
  3. Use the Print & Cut feature in Silhouette Studio® to cut out your design. Need help with your Print & Cut? Check out this tutorial!

IMPORTANT: You must use an inkjet printer with this material. It will melt in other printers!

Step Three: Iron Design onto T-shirt

  1. Weed out excess material so that only your design is left.
  2. Place design face down onto your shirt and cover with parchment paper or fabric.
  3. Use your iron on high setting and press firmly for 10-15 seconds until the entire design has been ironed.
  4. Once it has cooled, peel off the paper.

If you are a visual learner, you can watch this tutorial for printable heat transfers.

Wasn’t that easy?? Now enjoy your official Wonder Woman Swag!

What will you conquer while wearing your new super shirt?

Brianna Everett

If you love DIY projects, baking, crafting, and Oreo shakes, then we must be kindred spirits. I am currently living in Idaho Falls, ID with my husband, baby girl and dog. My crafting specialty is pretty much anything you can do with a sewing machine. I own a small business called Friends of Suzy making custom fabric dolls. I am really honored to be part of the Silhouette Design Team and hope to spark some inspiration in you to get your craft on!

Designs Used:

wonder woman logo

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®

printable heat transfer material for light fabrics


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