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Big News—Silhouette Studio® V4.0 Is Released!

We are very proud to announce the release of Silhouette Studio® Version 4.0. While it did take countless hours of Beta testing to get to this point, the extra wait was worth it! Let’s take a look under the hood and see what makes this major update to Silhouette Studio® so special!

New Look and Feel

Silhouette Studio® has gotten a face-lift! Below are some of the highlights of the new interface.

  1. New theme options, including a darker theme to prevent eye strain
  2. Better multitasking, with detachable, floating panels
  3. Easier navigation panel for sending projects to your Silhouette
  4. Dynamic top toolbar to give you quick access to commonly-used tools

New Tracing Tools in Designer Edition

Tracing in Silhouette Studio® has never been easier, with some all-new tracing options:

Trace by Color

  • Trace all objects sharing the same color
  • Perfect for tracing simple designs with only a few different colors

Magnet Trace

  • Great for tracing detailed images, such as photographs
  • Allows the user to follow the edge of an object with various colors in the background

Walk-Through Tutorials

V4 includes a library of animated, step-by-step guides which we call “Walk-Through Tutorials”. These tutorials teach users how to perform a number of operations in Silhouette Studio®, such as replicating objects, performing a Print & Cut, tracing images, and much more. Additional tutorials will be made available via the Silhouette Cloud.

Barcode Scanning Feature in Business Edition

For our Business Edition customers, we have a new barcode feature. With this tool, a barcode is printed onto your project. Then, your project may be scanned and cut without having to pull up the file (or even having to own the file, if it is stored in the Cloud Library!), saving time and effort.

New project start-up options

Optional new document startup found under the File menu which allows you to quickly start new project types (i.e. blank document, card, Print & Cut, PixScan™, etc). Depending on the document type selected, the program will automatically open appropriate panels.

Object on Path feature

Found in the “Replicate” panel, this option allows you to replicate images around the path of another object.

Performance Improvements

  • Faster Start-Up: Silhouette Studio V4.0’s initialization time is 44% faster, on average, than V3.8. More improvements will come in updates to V4.
  • More Stable: Silhouette Studio V4.0 experiences 64% fewer crashes than V3.8. In several month’s time, we hope that the crash rate will see an order of magnitude improvement or more.
  • Eraser Tool Performance: The eraser tool is 68% faster in V4, on average. Again, we’d like to see even more improvement to this tool as we roll out updates to V4.

As you can see, Silhouette Studio V4 brings additional power and tools to your fingertips, and updating is free!
Try it out here

Note for users updating from V3.6 or lower: In order to experience the smoothest experience possible, please follow these instructions to prepare your library before updating.

What excites you most about the new Silhouette Studio® V4.0?

Lauren Heperi

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  1. I *love* how much faster this loads! On the previous versions, it took at least 10 minutes. I would choose to open the program and then just walk away for awhile. There’s no point in staring at the screen. Granted, I have a lot of files in the cloud. Now? Maybe three minutes? Very nice!! I haven’t created any projects in version 4 yet, but just the loading speed is enough for ME to give it 5 out of 5 stars. I also like being able to make everything dark, including the area behind the virtual mat.

    1. Kimberly, I’m glad that you’re seeing an improvement. We’re working hard to make even more improvements to the “initialization time”. One of the things we’ll be doing in the future is to defer the loading of the library data until after the program starts up. This allows you to get working immediately, without that 3-minute hang!
      Look for that change in a future update to V4!
      Happy crafting!

      1. Can we please have the capability for single line trace in future updates? That would be neat!

  2. I have found a few major issues for me..where the heck did the last option under thresh hold that tightened in the trace go? It was always set to 10 and I would always move it to 4. I’m getting frustrated and having it go on the outline from .050 straight to .100! Gimme my bits back darn it. I want it back at zero and three option to make it jump smaller amounts.
    And how do I shut off line print?

    1. Lines will print if the thickness is increased above 0.0. Lines will not print if at 0.0 thickness.

      As far as the Trace Window goes, I think they are still perfecting that with future updates (although I can’t speak for Silhouette on that). The Scale option to tighten the trace may not be necessary any more with improvements to the whole Trace process.

  3. How come I don’t get the trace options trace by color/magnet/… ?
    I work in the Dutch version I only have the select tracing area button at the top of the trace bar.

    1. Rieke, “Trace by Color” and “Magnet Trace” are features with Designer Edition and up. It sounds like you may be working with the basic version.

  4. I do like how the interface is now and how fast it loads. Is there a way to separate the patterns I have put into the Cloud library? I used to be able to drag and drop them, now it’s changed. I’m on a Mac, not super user friendly. Also, is there a way to pin the actual panels like in Illustrator and Photoshop? It’s frustrating to have to keep opening them up after using one.

    1. Sara, regarding the Panels: you may want to try out the “Multiple Panel Mode,” which you can find in Preferences > Defaults. This keeps all your panels open until you close them, and there is some linking action available. If you stick with the default “Flexible Panel Mode,” you just need to move it away from its original opening position in order to open more.

  5. Are you able to zoom while in the cut settings? Doesn’t seem like it but figured I would ask. Can’t see when it zooms out which lines are getting cut. Especially when my lines are red

    1. Jennie, you can currently use View > Zoom at the top menu, or on Windows you can hold Alt while scrolling with your mouse wheel to adjust the zoom while in the Send Panel.

  6. please can you tell me if I can use the pixscan on my silhouette sd through this version.

  7. I have Studio Designer Edition. Do I also need to download the basic Studio Edition to get all of the new updates?

    1. Melinda, any Silhouette Studio update you download and install applies to any edition of Silhouette Studio you are using (basic, Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, or Business Edition). There are no separate downloads for the different editions.

      1. Thank you 🙂

  8. When I try to update V4, my computer locks up.

  9. I just finished a simple project in the new version of Studio. It does load so much faster! I had no problem at all in accessing my library files. I l.o.v.e. the consolidated menus and appreciate having the ability to collapse them as needed. It’s fairly intuitive interface and I was able to locate everything easily with the exception of the cut settings. It took time to recognize they could be viewed using the ‘Show Send Page’ choice. I can already see that this new Studio version is going to speed up my work flow. Thank you!

  10. How do I delete the duplicates in my library? I now have 3 of everything and it’s very upsetting! Help!

    1. Vicki, you may want to consult with Silhouette Support first, but I had the same or a similar issue. What I found was that I had two duplicate folders of every subfolder I had made, but only one of the three folders actually contained my designs. I went through the list and deleted the empty duplicate folders. That left me with just one of everything. I hope that helps!

  11. was going to download to my designer edition but it is asking for a 16 digit code. Not share where to find that. It was a download from swing design a while back

    1. Rae, have you ever input that 16-digit code and activated Designer Edition before? If not, you should contact the seller (Swing Design) to find that code. It may have been emailed to you when you made the purchase.

      If you have activated it in the past and need to re-enter it for any reason, you can find that code in your account in the Silhouette Design Store. Visit and click on your name in the upper right corner (once you have logged in, if necessary). Then click on the dropdown for “Silhouette Studio Keys,” and your 16-digit code for Designer Edition should be there. If you need more help, please contact the Silhouette support team at

  12. Where can I find my rulers? I loved the rulers and crosshairs feature in my designer addition, and I can’t find it anywhere in the new upgrade.

    1. Kara, they are in the Page Setup Panel in the Options sub-panel (looks like a grid), along with the other options that used to be in the Grid window.

  13. I recently updated and now have an issue. I create something with a font in it, save it, close the program and shut down my computer. When I am able to continue working on my project I open the file and all of the fonts have changed back to Arial. I have to click on each text box to get the font I chose to come back, but then the text box will move. I cannot start something unless I am going to finish it before closing the program or I just have to be ok with redoing what I have already done. How can I fix this??

  14. I have used version 4 software in the Beta version and upgraded when the version 4 was released a few weeks ago. .My Cameo started to have an issue today. When I send a file to cut, it starts as normal, cuts one part, goes back to the left edge of the paper as if it is finished cutting, reorients itself and cuts the next piece. this behaviour continues until everything is cut.
    Is there a setting I should look at changing?


    1. Carolyn, my guess is it has something to do with a setting in the Send Panel (advanced–look for the gear icon near the top right) and Cut Order Sorting. If you contact the support team at, they can help you out!

  15. I am enjoying V4, but still having difficulty downloading new purchases. The problem seemed to be fixed for about 2 months, but it is back! Very frustrating…

  16. I am confused by the new SEND, Cut options. The Action, Simple, line filler etc. Can anyone help

    1. Donna, take a look at the new built-in tutorials in the Help menu at the top. There is a tutorial for “Send to Silhouette — Making the First Cut” that sounds promising! And don’t worry…our blog will soon have tutorials covering v4 to help you out!

  17. Can I please get a reference on how to use the new setting in the SEND drop down….. The Action, Simple, line filler etc…. are confusing… I use the printable vinyl and so sometimes I only want the outside edge of my design, and sometimes I want a small cut on the exterior and on the interior. I could munipulate in the prior software…. I am having a little trouble now…… Please help….. But I love all the new features.

  18. Loving the trace by color and object on path. Updated last night with no crashing so far! My transition was very smooth and I am so excited!

  19. Question when I updated it only shows that I have the regular studio but I had the designer edition before updating how can I fix this.

    1. If you have activated Designer Edition in the past, you can find that code in your account in the Silhouette Design Store. Visit and click on your name in the upper right corner (once you have logged in, if necessary). Then click on the dropdown for “Silhouette Studio Keys,” and your 16-digit code for Designer Edition should be there. You can then enter that code in Silhouette Studio to activate Designer Edition in Help > Upgrade Silhouette Studio. If you need more help, please contact the Silhouette support team at

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