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Silhouette ModelMaker™

The Silhouette ModelMaker™ is a genius program.  This software is a super tool for schools because it helps teach various math skills and geometric shapes, as well as how to measure and create objects to scale from a life-size object.


1. Different Views of Shapes

I’ve only had a brief time to spend with this software, but one of my favorite features was the various views/perspectives that you can use to see the shapes.  There are several views to choose from:

Left Corner View


Titled Front View


Front View


Right View


Top View


Seeing these various perspectives helps with the scale of your object, especially when you are trying to put several pieces together to create one shape.

For example, I created a lamp with a shade from a Frustum of Cone, Cylinder, and Cuboid shapes.  I used the various views to see how my shape would come together while also measuring the pieces individually.



2. Rearranging Shapes/Nets

Another handy tool is the option to move objects in order to place more shapes on one page for printing.


When creating a shape, you see it  appear on the right side page.  Shapes can be spaced far apart or close together. I separated the net of the lampshade so that I could place them all on three sheets of paper.



You can also double-check your images just before printing by clicking on the PDF view first.

3.  Adding Color & Textures

Once your shapes are created, you can then add some fun elements such as color or texture. Simply click on ‘Style’ (top menu bar), then click on ‘Texture.’


I chose a fun wood pattern for the stand of the lamp I created.  Then I chose a fabric pattern for the lampshade. You can upload your own pictures into this section, as well, making the possibilities limitless!



4. Print & Cut

I was quite amazed at how smooth and simple the process was for printing and cutting.  Click on the Print & Cut symbol (top menu with the silhouette machine) and a window pops up asking you to show with boxes what you want to print.  I had to click on all the white boxes so that I only had three boxes at the top to print out.


From here you simply follow the instructions. Print your design on cardstock .



You will be told which sheet to place on the cutting mat and send to the Silhouette.  The Silhouette will read the registration marks, perforate on folded areas, and then cut out the design.  I found the process mesmerizing!


Here’s a look at the pieces, all cut-out and perforated.  I simply folded on all of the edges and began gluing pieces together.


I glued all the pieces together and created this cute little lamp.  You could even put a battery-operated tea light inside it for added ambiance.  I hot-glued some lace around the edge for texture and interest.



If you have the chance to try out the Silhouette ModelMaker™, you won’t be disappointed. It’s a unique, interesting, and fun software!

Cari Locken

HI there! I’m Cari Locken from Langley, BC, Canada. I’m a wife and mother of 3 amazing kids! I have been crafting since I was a child and love the creative outlet that this hobby brings to me. My formal training is in the area of music as I have a Masters degree in Music and I am currently teaching Band (to Grades 5, 6 & &) as well as private piano lessons. However I always find time to dig out my scrappy supplies and work on a few projects here & there. I love creating scrapbook layouts, preserving the everyday moments and special memories of our family life as well as creating cards & home decor items . Other than scrapbooking I enjoy spending time watching my children play sports, reading, knitting, photography and cooking. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Silhouette Team!

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  1. I love your lamp, Cari! Thanks for sharing your thoughts & ideas on this new software. I’m interested in seeing what everyone uses it for!

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