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How Do You #CoverYourCAMEO? [Free Design Included!]

We love our CAMEOs so much! They are our little assistants that make crafting a breeze. In today’s round-up, we will feature how some of our Silhouette fans participated in #CoverYourCAMEO on Instagram.

Inspiring Quotes

We love the use of quotes because it is a reminder to keep creating. We’ve all hit that point where we are unsure if our projects will even turn out. But it’s true, creativity takes courage. Try creating something that you’ve never done before!

Printed Vinyl

Want to add something unique to your CAMEO? Printed vinyl is a must-have for this. We love how bright and colorful this decal turned out!

You can purchase a package of our Printable Vinyl here.

Intricate Designs

Our transfer tape makes customizations like these easy. Cut, weed, stick your design onto your CAMEO, and boom! You’ve got an instant masterpiece. We love how this machine turned out!

Gentle Reminders

Sometimes we get distracted. We’ve all been there! When that happens, we may notice that it’s too late to go back and fix a mistake. We love this gentle reminder that keeps us from making mistakes!

Brand Customization

Have you ever thought to completely personalize your CAMEO to truly make it one-of-a-kind? Consider it now! 8e Industries covered their CAMEO 3 with Carbon Textured Vinyl and branded it with their logo. Awesome, right?

Free CAMEO Design Template—Get It Now!

This design is compatible with all version of the Silhouette CAMEO®, including the CAMEO 3. Get the free CAMEO template in the Design Store, customize your CAMEO, and use the hashtag #CoverYourCAMEO on social media.

You can find the free CAMEO template design here. Hurry now, because it’s only available for free until March 27.

How do you #CoverYourCAMEO?

Lauren Heperi

Lauren is the blog editor and copywriter at Silhouette America. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and avoiding the gym. She is a member of the Professional Sleepers' Association and never leaves home without forgetting to lock the door at least twice.


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  1. Thanks so much for the template!

  2. What about a template for those of us still using the portrait????

    1. These are really just rectangles, if you’re not worried about the display area (which isn’t necessary for your Portrait). If you want to cover your Portrait, draw a rectangle about 11″ wide by 4″ high as your template.

  3. Is there a design to fit the PORTRAIT?? There people out here that “have this machine”!

    1. See my comment above. 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing

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