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Have You Met The 2017 Design Team?

There’s only one way to explain the response to our call for Design Team applications—overwhelming! We were blown away by the sheer breadth and talent of those who applied. So many of you are doing incredible things with your Silhouettes and it was exciting for us to see.

Thank you to those of you who applied! The decisions weren’t easy to make. But we are fully confident in our 2017 Design Team and can’t wait to see what they can do.

Without further ado, here’s the 2017 Silhouette Design Team. We’ll let them introduce themselves.

Aki Altuna

I grew up in the Philippines and studied and graduated there with a degree in Interior Design. I moved to the New York/New Jersey area to be with my parents and siblings shortly after. My specialty is creating wearables such as jewelry, apparel and accessories. I love modern rustic vintage style, but I also love quirky, fun and projects styled from current trends (e.g. emojis, unicorns, cute stuff).

Brianna Everett

I am from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Chocolate is definitely number one on my interest list. My mom introduced me to all-things Silhouette about three years ago and I was immediately hooked. Sewing and fabric are my specialty. I also spend a lot of time crafting to decorate my home. My crafting style is frugally trendy. Nothing gets me fired up like making something adorable for less than I could buy it for!

Caitlin Bell

I grew up all across the US. My college years took me to Savannah, GA for a bachelor of fine arts. I am passionate about craft and design and I spend a lot of time creating. Sewing, quilting, knitting, bookmaking, weaving, paper crafting, and printmaking all make up my specialty. I would describe my designs as timeless; as suitable for your grandchildren as they are for your grandmother.

Cassie Goodman & Sadie Lish

We are Cassie and Sadie, sisters and creative entrepreneurs from birth. We are from Blackfoot, Idaho. Our interests are mostly homemaking focused. We love to cook and decorate our homes. Most everything we use to decorate are items we have made ourselves. Our style is definitely rustic farmhouse home decor. We love mixing old and new to create something beautiful!

Caitlin Hallman

I was born and raised and Alabama and now I am raising my own family there. I am completely enchanted by the charm of the South! I got my first CAMEO almost two and a half years ago and it was one of the best gifts that I have ever received. Mugs are my absolute favorite thing to create, but I also act on every creative impulse and will create anything and everything that pops into my head.

Christine Lustig

I am a total Southern Californian. I was born in Los Angeles, raised in Laguna Hills. I love crafting, party styling and planning, and eating good food., It’s been four years and my original CAMEO still helps me crank out projects. The medium I use most is paper because: a) I am a paper hoarder, and b) I think it’s really awesome to create something from 2D to 3D. My style is colorful, uncomplicated, and a little whimsical.

Evanna Lau

I am from Hong Kong and I moved to Canada when I was 9 years old. My hobbies include, acrylic painting, piano, signing, dancing and of course DIYs. I bought the Silhouette CAMEO back in April, 2015. Since then it has been my go-to for everything. My specialty is creating vinyl printing and stencils on stained wood. Art has always been in my life, my personal design are rustic and chic with a hint of elegance.

Janet Henderson

I’m from the Space Coast of Florida, where I grew up going to the beach and watching Shuttle launches from my front yard. I’m like MacGyver. I can make something out of anything. When I’m scrolling through Pinterest, I stop and drool over home decor, particularly farmhouse, cottage, coastal, and modern styles. I’m pretty much smitten by a light, bright color palette. I like to recreate what I see, but I almost always put my own spin on it.

Kathi Arbiso

I’m from sunny Southern California but I was born in the Philippines. I love the outdoors, my family, and I enjoy camping and going on adventures. I have been a Silhouette user since 2011 and haven’t looked back. I’m really good at woodwork I’m constantly trying to create crafts that are trendy (cactuses, macramé, embroidery, etc.) with a modern twist Eclectic. I love to mix my vintage pieces with modern décor and add a little industrial touch.

Kelly Wayment

I have been a Silhouette user since the first model came out in 2008. It’s the best crafting tool ever! I own the original Silhouette SD, Portrait, CAMEO 1, CAMEO 2, CAMEO 3, Curio, and Mint. Although I enjoy a wide range of crafting thanks to the Silhouette machines, I have developed a high level of expertise in Curio-specific projects such as metal stippling and metal etching. My crafting style is mostly clean and balanced, with attention to extra details.

Niki Coursey

I am originally from Newfoundland, Canada, but I now live in San Antonio, Texas. I am definitely a card maker, hands down. I prefer paper crafting in general; I occasionally dabble in other things, but I always come back to cards. My crafting style is clean and simple, not a lot of fussy details, just minimal and impactful designs with a feminine twist. I like clean lines, bold shapes, and pops of color on neutrals.

Nicole Winslow

I am originally from South Florida. I’m a DIYer and a Pinterest-aholic. I enjoy being an amateur photographer and showing off my graphic design skills. My mom bought me my Silhouette machine and I use it all the time. My specialty is creating unique ways to incorporate different silhouette cuts with unlikely objects and projects. For example, I’ve designed a paper succulent planter using moss and old cigar boxes too!

Shalee Sykes

I’m from the beautiful Kennewick, Washington (come on up and take a stroll through our apple orchards!). I’ve been in love with the CAMEO for almost two years now and was always borrowing my friend’s Silhouette. I finally got my very own CAMEO as a gift the week before Christmas in 2015. I love lumber and can tell you what type of wood I’m working with just by the smell of it. I like to find projects that are unique and have a passion for creating things out of unconventional materials. I like things clean and natural. I’ve never met a rock or log I didn’t like.

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Lauren Heperi

Lauren is the blog editor and copywriter at Silhouette America. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and avoiding the gym. She is a member of the Professional Sleepers' Association and never leaves home without forgetting to lock the door at least twice.


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