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Get Organized This New Year With Your CAMEO® 3

Happy New Year, craft-lovin’ friends! Now that the holiday crazy awesomeness has settled down, I find myself wanting to get back to the basics and get more organized. Because you know, new year=new goals and this year I pledge to be more organized! You with me? I used to pride myself in having an amazing memory. I was able to get through college with only mental notes of things that needed to get done. Now that I am a mom, I need to write everything down otherwise it doesn’t get done. Thank goodness for my CAMEO® 3 and the ability to make cute planner/calendar stickers to help me stay organized. Plus, I absolutely love stickers. Now that I know how to make my own, the possibilities are endless and today I will show you how to make your own, too!

Step One: Adjust Page Settings And Turn On Registration Marks

Open Silhouette Studio®

Adjust your page settings to match the page size you are printing on. The printable white sticker paper is 8.5 in. x 11 in. and my page size on the software reflects the same.

Change your cutter setting to ‘current printer’. Sometimes printers have different default page sizing, and this makes sure that the paper on the software matches what you will print on.

Be sure your print border and cut border are on! I will explain why they are so important a little bit later.

Turn on your registration marks and select ‘Type 1’. You will see a black mesh border around the page. Insert your designs. There are so many cute ones in the Silhouette Design Store. For your reference, I have attached all of the ID codes for the stickers I used at the end of the post, so look for them there.

Step Two: Tips And Tricks For Success Before You Print & Cut

Now that you have chosen the stickers you want to print, arrange them so that they are within the lines to make sure that the CAMEO will recognize it. Each line is important and plays a big role in ensuring that you will get perfect cuts every time.

Mesh black grids: The registration marks are what allows the CAMEO’s laser to locate where everything is in order to cut it.

Red cut line: Everything that needs to be cut must be inside these lines.

Gray print line: Your printer will only print within those lines, so be sure that everything you want printed is within those lines.

In the picture below, the stickers are overlapping the registration marks and are also outside the red cut line. Even if it is a teeny tiny bit, the sticker cut lines will not be recognized so be sure you triple check every corner.

Step Three: Print Out Your Designs And Cut

Now that your stickers are perfectly aligned in your software, you can print.  Load the Printable White Sticker Paper into your printer and print them out.

Once your pretty stickers are finished printing, place them on your mat and do your best to aline them as closely as you can with the grids on the mat.

Your last step is to verify that your cut settings are correct:

  1. ‘Cut edge’ ensures that your machine will only cut the perimeter of the stickers
  2. Click on the material you are cutting; in this case, we are using the white sticker paper
  3. Make sure your blade is on ‘automatic blade’ (sometimes the software resets to the original ratchet blade) so that you can let the magic of the auto-adjusting blade of the CAMEO 3 do its thing!

*Note* I lowered the speed from the default setting of 8 to a setting of 5 because I found that speed 8 was folding up the edges of my stickers

Load up the mat and hit ‘send to silhouette’!

Look at all of these bright and beautiful stickers!

Step Four: Apply Stickers To Your Planner/Calendar

The fun part: using cute stickers to get organized! The beauty of these stickers is that you can also use them on a regular calendar if planners aren’t your thing.

I like to use my “#goals” stickers to help me with goals for that particular week.

I love to use my planner for my daily tasks, bill reminders, appointments, meal plans, and so much more. The beauty is that you can organize it and plan in any way you like. Get creative!

The round variety stickers are the perfect size for my wall calendar. Helps add a touch of color and personalization.

I am certain that these super cute DIY stickers will motivate me to stay organized this year. What are some ways that you use planners/calendars to stay organized? Share in the comments below.

Happy crafting and happy organizing, friends!



Connie Wilson

Hi friends! My name is Connie Wilson and I'm originally from Fresno, California but am currently living in Portland, Oregon with my awesome husband and 10-month-old daughter. I love to craft! As a stay-at-home mama, crafting is my sanity. It helps me to relax and unwind after a long day chasing my baby around! I have a minor in Business and my B.A. in Biblical/Theological Studies & a second minor in Education. I love to bake, cook, watch makeup tutorials online and hanging out with friends and family. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the Silhouette Design Team!

Designs Used:

birthday - planner stickers

to do planner stickers

doughnut planner stickers set


bill pay icon labels for planners

on the menu planner stickers

vertical planner pink & gold functional boxes

Products Used:

Silhouette CAMEO® 3


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  1. Great tutorial! It has inspired me to pick up a planner to help keep on track this year.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! Glad you enjoyed it. Have fun creating all your stickers 🙂

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