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Create in Silhouette Studio® Using the Scale Tool

Well the holiday season is in full swing & I am sure your DIY list is getting as long as those Starbucks lines are to get their new red cups! I always have big dreams of getting all these projects done & then BAM! it’s New Years and I am trying to talk my husband into letting me keep the tree up just a little bit longer…

I am bringing you this tutorial today in hopes to ease the stress for some of those projects on your list. This is one of those tutorials that seems so simple, but when I first learned how to use this tool myself, it had me so excited! The “Scale Tool” is going to be your new best friend while crafting with the Silhouette CAMEO®.

Step 1: Measure Your Project Piece 



This measurement is what I will need to scale my image in Silhouette Studio®.

I have measured the inside of this platter to get the diameter of the circle I need to work with.

Circle Diameter: 9.5in. 

Step 2: Create Circle in Silhouette Studio®


With the Draw an Ellipse Tool highlighted, create any size circle in the  Design View. It does not matter the size, because I will be adjusting to the exact size I need for my project.

Step 3: Using the Scale Tool 


Click on the circle and the parameter box around it will show up. This box will show the size the circle is currently.

Open the Scale Window Tool.  It is here where I will fix the dimensions of my circle.

Under the Width box I will type in 9.5in. & the same goes for the height, 9.5in. 

Click Apply and my circle is now the exact measurement I needed.



That’s it! It’s that easy…



When you have a fixed project piece, now you can create that space in Silhouette Studio® & have no fear that your design will not fit. I have used this tool now for many projects and it has made checking those DIY’s off my list that much easier. If your still curious about what I made with that platter, well feast your eyes of this yummy side dish!

Happy Holidays and Happy DIY’ing!!

Melissa Dennis

Hey friends! I'm Melissa, and I am so thrilled to be a part of this crazy talented team. I am a full time working mom to two littles, and they love to keep me on my toes. I have been crafting/creating all my life. Do you remember the children's magazine "Highlights?!" My mother got me a subscription as a kid, and I would be so pumped to open up a new issue to the "arts & crafts" section. I would use every empty paper towel tube I could find and craft all day. If I am not trying to sneak off to my craft room, you can find me in my garden, begging my plants to grow, or chasing my kiddos around. My hubby and I are in the season of raising these little babes, so when we finally meet up at the end of the day we love to watch "Fixer Upper," and then hunt for farm houses online we think we could redo...but then I remember how much I love Target and I can't move to far out in the country!

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


Premium Blade

Black Chalkboard Vinyl


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