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A Unique Project Featuring The Silhouette Mint™

The leaves are starting to change around town and the pumpkin spice is around every corner! Seriously, how can this time of year not be everyone’s favorite?

My kiddos and I love going on “adventures” outside now that we won’t melt from the heat! They have really been into collecting leaves of all shapes and sizes, and I have been limiting how many we bring inside. However, this tutorial may change that!

Today’s tutorial is going to show you another unique way to use your Silhouette Mint™ Custom Stamp Maker!

Step One: Size Your Stamp


In Mint Studio™:

  1. Open up the design you want to use for your stamp (For this tutorial I have chosen the “Pumpkin Silhouette,” #21601.)
  2. Choose your size stamp. I am making a 45 mm x 45 mm.
  3. Size your image to fit the stamp template.

Step Two: Use A Stamp Filter

  1. Choose your stamp filter from the panel on your right. I have chosen the Standard filter.

How easy is this tutorial? You are ready to make your stamp!

Step Three: Mint Your Stamp



  1. Choose the Mint icon.

Make sure you double-check that your image is not hanging over any edges and that you are happy with it.

  1. Click “Start Mint,” and you will hear your machine starting up.

NOTE: Mint Studio™ let’s you know if your machine is not connected and turned on.

  1. Insert your stamp sheet into the Mint, as Illustrated in the Mint Studio™. Allow the entire stamp sheet to pass through before trying to pull it out.

Step Four: Mounting Your Stamp



To release the stamp from the cardboard backing:

  1. Bend back the cardboard piece at the perforated edge.
  2. Remove the plastic covering the stamp.
  3. Slide the stamp mount into the stamp base until it clicks into place.
  4. Adhere your stamp onto pad/wood block.

You are now ready to fill with ink!

Step Five: Ink It & Stamp It


1. Place ink directly on the stamp, wherever you want the color to show up. Because you place the ink directly on the stamp, you can get the color exactly where you want it.

2. Allow the ink to absorb into your stamp for about five minutes before using.

I chose three different colors for my pumpkin. I wasn’t going for perfection here, but if you use more than one color with designs be sure to keep your colors separate to avoid them mixing!

Add A Unique Twist To Your Decor


I gathered up our leaves and spray painted them to really make our stamp colors POP!  The white paint really showed these colors the best. The kids loved drawing jack-o-lantern faces on them and we may use them as our place cards for Thanksgiving dinner!


Also, I know we haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, but come on! How adorable are these snowflakes?!


What other types of surfaces have you tried using your Mint stamps on?

Melissa Dennis

Hey friends! I'm Melissa, and I am so thrilled to be a part of this crazy talented team. I am a full time working mom to two littles, and they love to keep me on my toes. I have been crafting/creating all my life. Do you remember the children's magazine "Highlights?!" My mother got me a subscription as a kid, and I would be so pumped to open up a new issue to the "arts & crafts" section. I would use every empty paper towel tube I could find and craft all day. If I am not trying to sneak off to my craft room, you can find me in my garden, begging my plants to grow, or chasing my kiddos around. My hubby and I are in the season of raising these little babes, so when we finally meet up at the end of the day we love to watch "Fixer Upper," and then hunt for farm houses online we think we could redo...but then I remember how much I love Target and I can't move to far out in the country!

Products Used:

Mint Ink

Mint Stamp Kit

Silhouette Mint™


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