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Paper Flower Basket

For this project, I got to work with this adorable basket design by Snapdragon Snippets, when I saw it I knew that it would make the perfect faux planter for a tiny house plant!


Here’s what you’ll need to re-create it:

  • Silhouette CAMEO®
  • cutting mat
  • ratchet blade
  • cardstock
  • adhesive cardstock
  • paper fastener
  • adhesive
  • embellishment




Step 1:

Start by ungrouping the designs and deleting any unwanted text or shapes. This design comes with two sets of sides, one with perforations along the top petals and one without. You’ll only need one set of sides to complete the project.




Step 2:

I wanted my final product to be pretty sturdy so instead of just using a single sheet of card stock I doubled up and attached a piece of adhesive card stock to the sheet of regular card stock before cutting out the basket pieces. Just peel away the yellow paper backing and stick the two sheets of card stock together.




Step 3:

Since we doubled up on the thickness of our card stock, we will need to adjust the blade depth accordingly. Since we doubled up on the thickness of our card stock, you’ll need to use the ratchet blade on a 8 and run a double cut.


Step 4:

Assemble your basket! You’ll notice that I didn’t use all of the available pieces in the original design, I decided what worked best for my personal project and went from there. There are no rules in crafting!

When I first tried assembling my basket, I used one of those roller things of glue/tape and I found that it isn’t strong enough to withstand the bending and folding of the card stock. So just be sure to use a really good, strong adhesive.




Once the basket was assembled I added a pretty floral sticker that I printed on white sticker paper using the print and cut feature. I attached the tag using a cute little paper fastener and voila! Adorable planter basket!



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Designs Used:

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®

CAMEO 12-inch cutting mat


Printable adhesive cardstock

Deep-Cut Blade


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