Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel
First Cut

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog


Ever tried stamping fabric? It’s rad.  For this project, we are going to create a watermelon stamp with our trusty Silhouette. I used the Stamp Material Starter Kit and simply purchased a watermelon design from the Silhouette design store.



  • Once you open the design in Silhouette studio, you’ll ungroup the image components by right clicking then selecting ungroup.
  • Then you can delete everything but the outline of the watermelon.
  • The starter kit comes with several different sizes of acrylic blocks and for this project we are going to use the smaller, 3 inch block. Use the arrows to size your watermelon to the appropriate size to fit whichever acrylic block you decide to use.

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

  • Now, to cut out the stamp, place the stamp material on the special cutting mat that comes in the starter kit.
  • Adjust your cutting blade to 9 and be sure to change the settings in the cut settings menu to stamp material as well.
  • Once the design is cut, carefully peel the stamp from the cutting mat.

stamped watermelon towel


Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog

  • Place the new stamp on an acrylic block, apply your fabric ink and stamp away!

Stamped Watermelon Tea Towel/ Aimee Broussard for Silhouette Blog



After I stamped 5 zillion watermelon slices on my towel, I washed off my acrylic block and stamp with soap and water and set it aside. I grabbed some green paint and painted on some rind for my slice. Optional, but I think it gives it some color. No worries about being perfect with your strokes or with your stamping. I think it actually looks more handmade, and more authentic of a watermelon if it’s not perfect.



Now, at this point you could do a couple of things.  You can hand bead some seeds onto your watermelon slices like I did if you insist on being fancy, or you could simply paint them on.

Wrap your watermelon (you’re going to want to purchase a small watermelon for this to work) with your handmade towel and some coordinating ribbon. Voila. Just when you thought transporting a watermelon couldn’t be festive!




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