Silhouette Table Number
First Cut

Silhouette Table Number

Planning a summer wedding or event? Here’s a quick and inexpensive table number idea.


Table Number Carly Van Veldhuizen for Silhouette

  • For this project, I wanted to use the silhouette of the woman, but not the frame so I right clicked the image and selected “ungroup.”  Then I deleted the frame.

table number 2 Carly Van Veldhuizen for Silhouette

  • Next, I enlarged the image and cut it out of white card stock.

table number 1 Carly Van Veldhuizen for Silhouette

  • Then, I added the table number in “Edwardian Script ITC” and cut in black card stock.

table number 3 Carly Van Veldhuizen for Silhouette

  • Since this table number can be seen from both sides, I flipped the image (not the number) so it’s readable on both sides. To do this, select the image, right click and select flip horizontally.

table number 4 Carly Van Veldhuizen for Silhouette

  • Once everything was cut, I used a little spray adhesive to sandwich the white silhouette between the black pieces.
  • To finish them, I affixed a black painted dowel and “planted” the table number in the top of my floral arrangement.

This same technique would work with just about any shape from the Silhouette design store which makes it easy to customize your party or event!


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New Silhouette CAMEO®


CAMEO Cutting Mat



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  1. Great table-numbering idea!

  2. This would be adorable for a Mother-Daughter Tea! (Gosh, those were fun.)

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