Easter Pillow Card

Easter Pillow Card


Stuffed Bunny Card


When it comes to holidays, I like to spoil the kids who call me aunt. ( I actually think it is part of the job description.)  The box of fun sent their way usually has a treat or two they love and something handmade by me. This Easter…they are getting bunny pillow cards.


Supplies you’ll need to create a similar project:

  • heat transfer material
  • iron
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • pencil/pen
  • paper

With all of the designs in the Silhouette design store, the shaped pillow possibilities are kind of endless. I am no seamstress, so the best part about these pillows is that they are just fun and perfection isn’t required. They would even be a great project for kids who have an interest in sewing.


To get started:

  • Once you’ve selected the design you want to use, cut it out of heat transfer material and iron it onto a piece of fabric.
  • Using your scissors, cut around the heat transfer design leaving about an inch on all sides.
  • Now, flip that over and pin it to a second piece of fabric.
  • Using the first piece as a guide, cut the same shape out of the 2nd piece of fabric and you are ready to sew.
  • You can either hand stitch, or use a sewing machine to stitch around the outside of the design with a 1/2″ seam allowance, leaving a couple of inches open at the bottom.
  • Turn the pillow inside out so that you can see the bunny design.

Now, to add a personal touch and turn the shaped pillow into a card by adding a sentiment and my signature…


Bunny Pillow Card with sentiment

  • Using a black sharpie, write a quick sentiment on a scrap piece of paper.
  • Take a picture of it with your phone and email it to yourself, or use a scanner to scan the image and then open it in Silhouette studio. Here is mine…

stuffed bunny card step1

  •  Now, in the trace window click on select trace area and then click/drag your mouse over the entire image to select it all.

stuffed bunny card step2

  •  Deselect high pass filter, then select low pass filter and adjust each of the sliders until your image is completely highlighted.
  • Click trace, and move the original image off of the mat.

stuffed bunny card step3

  •  Now, you should have your sentiment and signature as a cuttable design.
  • There were a couple of stray parts in the J of my signature that I didn’t really like, so I double clicked on the design which allowed me to edit all of the points
  • I selected the points I wanted to remove and clicked delete point in the point editing window.

stuffed bunny card step4

  •  Once it looked the way I wanted it to, I used the bunny design as a guide to resize the sentiment so it would fit perfectly on the back of the pillow.

stuffed bunny card step5

  •  Then, I moved the bunny off the mat, flipped the sentiment horizontally, and cut it out of the same heat transfer material that I used for the bunny.

stuffed bunny card step6

  •  Next, I ironed the sentiment onto the backside of the bunny pillow, filled it with batting and stitched the bottom closed.

Now you’ve got a super snuggly card that can even be thrown in the washing machine to keep clean!


bunny pillow card3


What design would you pick for a shaped pillow card?


Designs Used:

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®



12-inch smooth heat transfer


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