Motivational Wood Sign
First Cut

Motivational Wood Sign

Are you a fan of motivational wall art? We all have days where we need some positive reminders and a wood sign like this one is a great one!


Motivational-Wood-Sign-by Dawn Warnaar


I started by painting a 12 inch by 12 inch piece of wood and painting it black. Then I did a streaky coat of white to give it an aged look.


Motivational Wood Sign | Dawn Warnaar for Silhouette


When it was mostly dry, I cut the design on Stencil Material and applied the banners to my sign.


Motivational Wood Sign | Dawn Warnaar for Silhouette


Then I used a wet paint brush and bright colors to get a bit of a watercolor effect. I let it dry and then used a black paint marker to trace the woods and banners, since I was pretty sure the watery paint may not have stenciled perfectly. When I peeled up the stencil material, it pulled up a bit of the white paint (which is why I said “mostly dry” in the previous step, I was hoping to get this effect). It adds to the vintage-y style I love.


Motivational Wood Sign | Dawn Warnaar for Silhouette


And that’s it! A fun, bright, happy and artsy sign to help keep you inspired!


Motivational Wood Sign | Dawn Warnaar for Silhouette


Happy creating!


Designs Used:

Products Used:

New Silhouette CAMEO®


CAMEO Cutting Mat


Stencil Material


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  1. So pretty Dawn…I love the watercolor effect!

  2. I couldn’t help but smile the instant I saw this. I love the mix of happy phrases and bright colors. Beautiful!

  3. Nice!! The colors are so cheerful!

  4. Thanks ladies!

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