Ugly Sweater Clothesline Banner
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Ugly Sweater Clothesline Banner

Tis the season to be tastefully tacky in time for a good ol’ ugly holiday sweater souiree. And what better decor than ugly sweaters themselves? A mini paper garland version, of course! With access to the Silhouette Design Store, and your CAMEO or PORTRAIT, recreating holiday wear has never been so simple, or fun. I have also fallen in love all over again with Silhouette’s Double Sided Adhesive and glitter after this project.


To make your own:


1. I started with the Stripped Sweater Design shape as a base for my sweaters. From there, I used the knife tool to slice and dice the sweater shape in various ways to create separate pieces. Once you’re happy with your shapes, set up a sheet of multiple shapes per page.


Ugly Sweater Banner Tutorial

Screen Shot Sweater Pieces


2. Cut your sweater shapes out of various cardstocks and patterned papers, as well as out of the double sided adhesive. Be sure to change your cut settings as you change media.


3. In a separate file I set up different print & cut holiday designs to print on Printable Cotton Canvas and use as decor for some of the sweaters. I love the texture and ‘sweater’ feel it added. The printable canvas is also adhesive, so you’re pretty much printing canvas stickers. How cool, right? Be sure to grab the free “December 25” design from the Online Design Store.


Silhouette Printable Cotton Canvas Ugly Sweater Party Banner


4. Another one of the main ways I spruced up each sweater and gave them that extra “tacky” touch, was by adding glitter to various parts of some sweaters. Through the magic of Silhouette Double Sided Adhesive, the process was easy! The colors in the bold glitter pack are perfect for the holidays, and though the containers are small…there is PLENTY of glitter. The excess can be dumped back into the container, so barely any is used.


To adhere glitter, cut the same sweater shapes out of the Double Sided Adhesive Material. Once cut, it will create a double sided-tape shape; one side adhered to the cardstock, and the other to adhere glitter to. With the glitter I did some full sleeves, some cuffs, neckpieces as well as varied stripes.


Ugly Holiday Sweater Party Banner Glitter


5. To bedazzle the sweaters even further, I tested out the rhinestone setter for the first time ever and can’t believe I have waited this long! You guys, it heats up the rhinestones, which come with adhesive on the back. With the heat from the rhinestone setter, the adhesive softens, adhering the rhinestone perfect in place without the use of glue, tweezers, etc.


Rhinestone Detail



Ugly Holiday Sweater Party Banner Tutorial


Play around with it and have fun! I caught myself at times being all  …wait, this is ug…oh. right. The whole point is to create adorably ugly sweaters to adorn your next holiday bash! Even better, extra point for imperfection. It’s a win before you even start! I even accidentally ripped an antler off the poor reindeer…and left it. Ha!


Ugly Holiday Sweater Garland


Brittany Sazonoff

Hi friends, both old and new! My name is Brittany (of BSaz Creates) and I am so excited to be joining the Silhouette Creative Team for another year! Outside of the Creative Team, I am freelance designer and creative living out my life-long affair with crafts in Chicago, IL. I have used my Silhouette CAMEO for projects small and large. From invitations to storefront windows, Silhouette has expanded my capabilities as a one-woman design studio in so many ways. When I'm not working on a project (or even when I am) you can almost always find me eating ice cream and cuddling with my pint sized pup, Brody, who makes quite the appearance on my instagram. I can't wait to continue to share my projects with you all!

Designs Used:

Products Used:


CAMEO Cutting Mat



double-sided adhesive

Silhouette fabric blade

printable cotton canvas

Assorted Rhinestones - clear, metallic, black

Glitter - Bold


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