Stenciled Dress
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Stenciled Dress

The second I saw today’s Free Design of the Day, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! A dress for my daughter. I was so set on the idea in my head that I knew I had to make the dress from scratch to get it to look just right. However if you would like to make one too, this could very easily be accomplished on a store bought dress as well.


A Stenciled Dress for the Holidays or Everyday by Jessee M for Silhouette America



To get the border look I started with a 9″x27″ art board with no cutting mat selected. The skirt was 23″ wide, but I wanted it to look like yardage fabric, so the design needed to go past the edge. I chose 9″ wide because that is the width of the Silhouette Stencil Vinyl.


I then opened the design file in Silhouette Studio and resized it to 3″ tall (while keeping the aspect ratio box clicked). I then rotated it 90 degrees clockwise and, using the replicate window, repeated it several times until it was the length needed to cover the entire bottom of the skirt. Then I grouped all of the trees together and using the replicate tool again I mirrored to design to the right. That way I had a border for the front and back of the skirt. I spaced the two columns apart a little so I had a nice border around it all to protect the fabric while painting.


I loaded up the Stencil Vinyl in my machine (no mat needed, just use the load media option) and cut out the design using the blade length suggested by Silhouette Studio.


After the design was cut I used my little Silhouette Hook and peeled away all of the trees, leaving behind a perfect stencil. Following the directions that come with the Stencil Vinyl, I used the transfer paper to move the stencil from the backing paper onto my fabric. I currently have a cold and I’ve been a little off lately, so instead of centering the design on the bottom of the skirt and possibly messing up, I eyeballed it on a long piece of matching fabric that I later cut straight and attached (you can see the seam line above the design). However if I had been myself, I would have centered the design on the bottom of the skirt and using the Scraper Tool pressed down firmly before removing the transfer tape.


Just to be safe I always use a sponge brush like the one that is included in the Fabric Ink Starter Kit, and dab the Fabric Ink on to the stencil instead of using brush strokes. That way I don’t accidentally peel up the stencil while painting the fabric. I let the first layer of paint dry just a teeny bit and then I go over it all just once more in case I missed a spot. I wait about 15 minutes or so to remove to stencil (using the hook again) and then “Ta Da” it’s done!


A Stenciled Dress for the Holidays or Everyday by Jessee M for Silhouette America



A Stenciled Dress for the Holidays or Everyday by Jessee M for Silhouette America



A Stenciled Dress for the Holidays or Everyday by Jessee M for Silhouette America



I am so in love with how this dress came out, I’m already dreaming up a pink one with dinosaurs all over the bottom for my niece too (my sister loves dinosaurs). I think my daughter already has a bunch of ideas too.


The Stencil vinyl really does make it so simple to personalize every sewing project, or even just a simple dress that needs that “something more”

Jessee M

Hello! My name is Jessee Maloney and I am stay at home mom who is also a small business owner. When I’m not doing those two things I spend the rest of my time finding new ways to make things. I come from a very creative family and pretty much all of my free time since I was a kid has involved art and crafting. I am a collector of skills too. If there is a craft I haven’t tried yet, I make it my goal to learn everything about it!

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  1. Jessee: This looks SO SO good. I love how it looks as a border and you got such a great, clean line.

  2. Perfect! Love the twirling photo, by the way. 😉

  3. Do you think you could share the pattern you used? It’s a darling dress

  4. What kind of paint did you use? Beautiful job!

  5. Jessee, this little dress is one of the cutest things I’ve seen the Cameo used for. Very cute. Love the photos, especially the twirling one. TFS

  6. Can you share the pattern info you used? Adorable!

  7. What a beautiful dress; I just love the tree border! Adorable pictures of your daughter 🙂

  8. Adorable!
    I think I recognize the pattern for dress also as one by Oliver & S?

  9. Beautifully done!

  10. So wonderful! I really like the fact that you used grey fabric, which makes your adorable child shine even brighter
    May I ask what dress pattern you used? You inspired me with this cute dress and the tree tree design’ It is so simple that I thought: Why didn’t I come up with that idea! That is how we recognize a genius! Thank you for sharing!

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