Sketch Pen Scrap Details
First Cut

Sketch Pen Scrap Details

For this project, I used one of the “Word Doodle Borders” design to create this sketch background.  I love how using the sketch pens and textured cardstock makes this design looked stamped.  Take a closer look.


sketched background2


I am so in love with this and what a fun way to create an adorable background.


sketched background3


You know what else is fun?  The PixScan™ mat.  Using one of my stamps and the PixScan™ mat I cut out these shapes and words.




sketched background5




That’s right…no more cutting them out with the scissors.  I just let the PixScan™ do all the work.  { Learn more about thePixScan™ technology here }


Here’s another close up.


sketched background4


Well, I hope you enjoyed my layout today.  I ‘m so glad I got to share this with all of you!  Until next time…Happy Cutting!


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Designs Used:


Products Used:


CAMEO Cutting Mat

sketch pen starter kit

CAMEO Cutting Mat - PixScan™


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  1. Another great page! Those word doodles add just enough to the empty space to make it interesting while focusing on the picture. You’re right, he is “totes adorbs”. ;)Looking forward to seeing more layouts!

  2. That is a beautiful background Guiseppa…I actually thought it looked metallic or embossed at first!

  3. I love your layout and thank you for sharing this great idea. I saw another post earlier this week and have to say I LOVE THIS LOOK!

  4. Wow, I just got a Cameo from Santa and an anxious to try the sketch pens, love this.

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