Spooky Faux-Etched Mirror
First Cut

Spooky Faux-Etched Mirror

This quick Halloween project was inspired by the legend of Bloody Mary.  As a fan of all things horror-related (something my husband strongly dislikes about me!), I like to add a few creepy touches to my ordinary autumn decor.  But in my house, the Halloween items don’t stay out for long…because who wants to look at skeletons and rats for over a month?  Using Silhouette Frosted Vinyl, I quickly made a couple of decals to transform this normally “Parisian chic” mirror into a spooky “etched” piece to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.


Spooky Faux Etched Mirror by Annie Williams - Assembly


After cutting out and weeding the skull, spider, and spiderweb designs with my CAMEO, I began to transfer the vinyl to my mirror using transfer paper.  I placed my skeleton in the center first, and then decided on the placement of my other images.  The spiderweb designs were meant for squared-off corners, and altering the design in the Studio software to fit into this ornate frame seemed like more trouble than it was worth.  Instead, I cut the design as is, placed the web far enough back in the corner to touch on all edges, and went around the frame with a scalpel to remove the excess vinyl.


Spooky Faux Etched Mirror by Annie Williams - Detail


The result is a perfectly nested “etched” web.  Or course, I had to include the little guys who built those webs, so I picked two of my favorite creepy spider designs from the Design Store and added them around the frame as well.


Spooky Faux Etched Mirror by Annie Williams - Full


The best part is that I can easily remove the vinyl when Halloween is over to use the mirror normally and then even change the design for next year.  With the lights out and a little dim purple or green lighting, you can have your own glowing apparition straight out of Amityville.  If you’d prefer a cuter look for your Halloween mirror, this skull and these spiders would do the trick!


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Designs Used:

Positionable Skeleton

Dangling Spider



Annie Williams

Hello Silhouette fans! I'm so excited to be back on the Creative Team again this year. I am a scientist by training, but I have always been interested in art and art history as well. I enjoy sharing fun gift, home decor, and handmade card ideas over on my blog. My projects often reflect my other interests which include outdoorsy things like hiking, biking, and canoeing as well as a love of travel, small towns, and nature photography. I've been happily married for nearly 10 years to a man who is incredibly tolerant of my ever-growing craft supply stash...and we recently welcomed a new little boy into our lives as well.


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  1. I love it, Annie!  It's fun to see how the same skeleton shape we chose can be used in different ways. 

  2. What a great effect! Very spooky.

  3. This is awesome!  I love the skull!  Super project!

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