Printable Heat Transfer Onesies
First Cut

Printable Heat Transfer Onesies

There’s just nothing sweeter than a gentleman in ties and bow ties. Especially when it’s a tiny little gentleman.

I’ve been itching to use the printable heat transfer material, and I’m hooked after this project. It made it really simple to add a custom look to apparel. And it was so easy. I whipped these two onesies up for a baby shower in about 15 minutes total.
This is also my first time experimenting with the fill patterns – what a great tool! Just select your design and then choose the fill pattern you want from the pane. I chose two dashing argyles for the tie and bow tie.
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.57.25 AM
To avoid wasting any heat transfer material, I added some additional designs before adding registration marks and printing. Then, I checked my cut settings (making sure only the outside lines of the shape were being cut), and ran it through my Silhouette Portrait.




Once the designs were cut, I simple ironed them onto the onesies (using a cloth to protect the design).




The finished products are perfect for any little gentleman this fall.




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Design used:

assorted gentleman dress up accessories


Products used:

Silhouette Portrait


Portrait mat

printable heat transfer


Kim W

I’m a wife, toddler momma, blogger and notorious dabbler. I believe in letting go of perfection and prefer to enjoy the journey and embrace the mistakes. I love decorating, crafting and gardening – and I also believe that nearly anything is cause for celebration. That means I've created more heat transfer T-shirts and customized banners than I can count.


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  1. Love your project Kim! It's SO cute!

  2. These are adorable…love little patterned ties!

  3. Have you washed it yet?  I have tried several times to use the printable heat transfer, and even after following the instructions closely, the design always came off in the wash.  I don't own a heat press, just a regular iron.  Any tips you or anyone else has for getting the design to stay on in the wash would be much appreciated.  Thanks so much!


  4. Hi Kim, don't you have to reverse the designs for the printable heat transfer material? I've just bought a pack and am scared of making a mistake!

    1. For tbe printable heat transfer, I didn't mirror the image because it's printed on the top before cutting (just like the other print and cut). For normal heat transfer, you typically do flip it because it basically cuts the transfer from the back. My biggest piece of advice is to think through how it will cut and be adhered before you ever make a cut. Seems silly to say that but I can't tell you how many times I haven't cut it correctly because I didn't think it through.

  5. These are so cute!  Thanks for the tutorial!

  6. Very cute, Kim!  That baby will look so dapper.  🙂

  7. Those are darling Kim! Nothing cuter than a little one all dressed up!

  8. Hi there! These are too cute! i know this may sound ridiculous but what heat transfer paper do you use? with the pattern ones, is it plain and then do you have to buy ink? i’m sorry i’m new at this and want to make sure i use my machine properly 🙂

    1. I would love to know this also.

    2. You actually print on the paper on your home printer until the Printable Heat Transfer Then you run it through the Silhouette to cut the shape. Good luck!

      1. ah! thank you 🙂 So you get plain transfer paper and print on that first? Doesn’t the ink wash out?

  9. I printed on HTV and when I put it on my shirt with a heat press with it set to the instructions on the package the design stuck to the top of the heat press and half of it pulled off the shirt ruining the shirt. Then I tried using a thin piece of fabric between the design and heat press it stuck to the fabric ruining that shirt. So then I tried transfer paper and the paper stuck to the design…ruining my third shirt. HELP PLEASE!! What am I doing wrong???

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