Firefighter Halloween Costume
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Firefighter Halloween Costume

I thoroughly enjoy making Halloween costumes for my children. I think that the homemade variety are the best. They are usually more creative and are definitely of better quality. Today I have a homemade firefighter costume to share with you that is easy and fun to make.


This costume is very comforable and durable making it perfect for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. To make this costume, I purchased a plain black hoodie, black jogging pants and a white t-shirt. By adding yellow, red and white heat transfer material (HTM), the clothing was transformed into a firefighter costume. The firefighter hat is the perfect accessory for this costume and it was created with red cardstock, double-sided adhesive and red glitter.


The firefighter hat was actually a lot easier to make than I had anticipated. You can find a full tutorial on how to assemble the hat here. For a little extra sparkle, I added glitter to a few accent pieces of the hat.


Firefighter Halloween Costume


The badge was the most time consuming aspect of this project and this was because I layered the HTM. When applying multiple layers of HTM, I recommend using a quick press with your iron as each layer is applied. Once all layers are in place, perform a final full press as outlined on the instructions that come with the HTM.


Firefighter Halloween Costume


I added the word “Junior Firefighter” to the badge design as I thought it was a cute touch.


I used yellow HTM to make the reflectors on the arms, body and pant legs. Also, red and yellow HTM were used to make the suspenders for the white t-shirt.


How are you going to use your Silhouette to make your Halloween costume?



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Designs Used:

Fireman’s Kid’s 3d Hat 

Firefighter Symbol 

lw Block Font 

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  1. OMG Martha…this is awesome!  I love the suspenders on the tshirt and the hat looks store-bought!

  2. Thanks Annie!

  3. How sweet is this?  What a fun project for your boy to enjoy!

  4. This is my kind of costume!  I'd better not show it to my son, or he'll change his mind (again) about what he wants to be for Halloween.  The suspenders are adorable!  Fantastic job, Martha!

  5. Wow Martha! Sooo much better than anything from the store. It looks like your son agrees. He makes such a cute little firefighter. Honestly, the jacket looks so well done you could get away with using it all winter long. I love it!

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