A Scrapbook Layout Featuring Corrugated Paper
First Cut

A Scrapbook Layout Featuring Corrugated Paper

yourre-a-scream-coruugated-paper1 copy

Happy Friday Silhouette friends…Guiseppa here!  Today I am sharing with you a layout I did using the Adhesive Corrugated Paper.


I love the Corrugated paper and I love the fact that it adds a lot of dimension to my projects.  I am a flower fan, so I decided to make some layered flowers using it.  I didn’t realize how fantastic these would look until I started layering them.  I used both the white and kraft colored Coruugated Paper.  I also snuck in some patterned paper in the layers of the flowers as well, just to add some color.


your're a scream coruugated paper3


your're a scream coruugated paper4


your're a scream coruugated paper5


I also cut my title out using the kraft colored Corrugated Paper.  I love how it stands out.


your're a scream coruugated paper2


What will you cut out using your Adhesive Corrugated Paper?  Oh the possibilites!  Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have enjoyed my project!


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Designs Used:

You’re A Scream

3d Flower



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  1. Guiseppa, your layouts are always great. I think this one is my favorite (so far). You have these whimsical embellishments on it yet it still has that "clean line" feel about it. Who would have thought using corrugated paper in flowers would be so cute…oh, wait, you did!!!

    Thanks for sharing this. Here's to camping in Moab! 

  2. I agree with Robyn…this is another great layout Guiseppa!  I love the white and kraft corrugated paper together in your flowers too.

  3. Beautiful page Guiseppa!

  4. What a nice layout! And I'm loving that 3D flower. It's so pretty with the corrugated cardboard.

  5. Beaur=tiful. Great idea!

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