Vinyl Decal Recipe Box
First Cut

Vinyl Decal Recipe Box

I am not embarrassed to say, I am a horrible cook! I’ve been ok with it though since I am pretty good at baking. I have accumulated many recipes over the years and I have been just keeping them in an envelope in my cabinet. So of course when I saw this unfinished wood recipe box at the craft store, the gears in my head starting working overtime!


I used the Favorite Recipes Word Art cut file, but instead of using four colors like shown in the example, I combined some of the cut lines so I just used two colors. Also to make it easier to apply, I cut just the the background out of Black Adhesive Vinyl and the rest as one piece out of Gold Adhesive Vinyl.


I applied the decal on the front, while the box was closed. Then once everything was firmly applied, I used a craft knife to cut exactly where the seam between the top and bottom of the box was. I felt this way of assembling everything gave the piece a nice polished look.


Vinyl Decal Recipe Box by Jessee M for Silhouette America


The front was all glamourous, so I felt the inside should have something special too. I used the 3 x 4 Recipe Card Collection file, resized to 4 x 6, to cut out some sparkly dividers!


I haven’t added any sections yet because I’m still trying to decide how I want to organize all my recipes. I figure once I’m ready I’ll use the Printable Silver Foil and a simple rectangle shape to make the stickers.


Vinyl Decal Recipe Box by Jessee M for Silhouette America


I loved this project so much, I actually went and bought a few more unfinished recipe boxes last night so I can make these for all my friends!




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  1. Super cute recipe box, Jessee! I love the sparkly dividers inside, too. 🙂

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