Father’s Day Finger Painted Canvas

Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas by Martha Clyde for Silhouette

This Father’s Day, why not surprise Dad with a finger painted canvas lovingly created by both you and your child! I love this craft for so many reasons. First, your child can unleash their creativity with no rules attached. Children can get messy, paint outside the lines and mix colors until their heart’s content. Second, with the help of your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, you can design a personalized polaroid photo of what your child loves to do with their Dad. And third, this craft appeals to a large age group of children and yet the results are fantastic whether a 2 year old or a 10 year old paints this craft. Additionally, don’t you think that this is a perfect piece of art for Dad to hang in his office?


To create this Father’s Day Finger Painted Canvas, you will need:

and the following shapes from the Silhouette Online Store:


In Silhouette Studio:

  • Open the Polaroid Frame and resize it to fit your canvas. 6.266″ x 8.408″ worked well for an 8″ x 10″ Canvas.
  • Next, place the remaining shapes inside the polaroid frame overlapping them slightly. I overlapped the arm of the Father, the foot of the child, the pond and two of the birds.
  • Note: The Paper Boats shape was modified in the following way:
    • Delete all parts of the shape except for the silhouette of the pond.
    • Right mirror the image and delete the original.
    • Cut the pond in half with the Knife Tool.
    • Keep the half with the cattails and delete the other.
  • In my picture, one bird is not be attached to the frame. Be sure to leave it off to the side or else it will disappear during welding.
  • Select Weld in the Modify window. All overlapping shapes are now fused together with the polaroid frame.


Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas

  • Place any loose shapes back into the frame, like the bird in my case.
  • Select the Text Tool and type a short phase using the LW Clementine font. I used “Daddy and Me”. “I Love Dad” or “Love You Dad” would work too.
  • In the Text Style window, change the character spacing between the letters so it fits nicely into the bottom portion of the polaroid photo frame.

Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas

  • Center the text.
  • Next, open the Cut Settings window. In the Material Type, choose Stencil Material and adjust your blade accordingly.
  • Cut the shape onto Stencil Material using your Silhouette CAMEO or PORTRAIT. You do not need to use the cutting mat since the Stencil Material has a backing.


Now to create the masterpiece!

  • Apply the stencil onto the canvas. I found it helpful to use my scraper tool to ensure that all parts of the stencil had adhered to the canvas.
  • If you have any loose shapes, such as the bird and the centers of some letters, place them onto the canvas. You can use transfer paper if you have several loose shapes, but I found it easy enough to eyeball them into position. NOTE: You do not need to include the centers of the letters. The finished result looks great with or without them.

Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas

  • Using finger paints, have your child create their work of art! Encourage your child to cover all areas of the canvas with paint.

Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas

  • Allow for the canvas to partly dry before removing the stencil. Make sure your child watches as you lift the stencil from the canvas. The look on their face will be priceless as they see their picture appear out of nowhere!


I love that the stencil material can be used again and again. A couple of my friends loved this craft when they saw my kids artwork and they wanted to borrow my stencil. So far my stencil has made four pictures and it is still sticky enough to do more. Just ensure that you don’t wash the paint off the stencil with water or it will lose its stickiness.


As a variation, I made a girl version of the stencil and painted a canvas with a sponge. It looks great too!


Father's Day Finger Painted Canvas

I can’t wait to see my Husband’s face when he opens his Father’s Day finger painted canvas. I know it’s going to be a hit! We might just have to make a couple more for the Grandfathers too!




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8 thoughts on “Father’s Day Finger Painted Canvas

  1. Amy Cox says:

    So fun for a kids craft father’s day gift!

  2. Annie W says:

    Great idea Martha…your kids did a beautiful job too!

  3. Gisela says:

    That’s a fabulous idea!! Running off to get the materials to surprise Dada! Thanks for the inspiration – loved it!

  4. So clever, Martha! And I have rinsed the stencil material under water many times; just let them air dry and they will keep their stickiness.

    1. Martha Clyde says:

      Great tip! Thanks Kim.

  5. This is so fun! We did something similar last year for the grandparents. I think this would be perfect for my husband for his desk.

  6. Kristin says:

    Thanks for this! My little guys and I just made a couple for their dad. They had a lot of fun painting and I had lots of fun playing with my Silhouette!

    1. Martha C says:

      That’s great to hear! So glad it turned out.

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