Bell Jar Birthday Card
First Cut

Bell Jar Birthday Card


Anyone you know have a birthday coming up?


shabby chic bell jar birthday card

For the bell, I used a transparency, the kind you can buy at the office supply store. Sometimes, because it is clear, the transparency  is a little tricky to adhere, but this time I used my glue pen along the bottom and a tiny dot up at the top. You can barely tell. I’m going to call it a success! 🙂


shabby chic bell jar birthday card banner








flowers in bell jar {free shape of the week}

birthday cupcake

vintage banners and seals

heart tag & heart pin tag


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  1. Very cute, and thanks for the freebie!

  2. How clever! I love the transparency bell jar!

  3. This card is so cute I love the colors you used. TYFS!!

    1. Thanks Virginia!

  4. Such a cute card. What settings did you use to cut the transparency? It’s always something I have trouble cutting.

    1. Thanks Sue! I use the regular cardstock setting.

  5. Great idea for the bell jar! Really appreciate the freebies…thank you!

  6. So sweet 🙂

  7. Cool use of the freebie (for which I thank you)!

  8. gorgeous ice-cream coloured card… love it!!

    Paula x x x

  9. I have to say, your “bell jar” card turned out so adorable; much cuter than anything that first came to my mind! Thanks for such beautiful inspiration. 🙂

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